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Most neuromuscular pathologies are evolutionary in time. Tests make it possible to have a vision of the pathology at the moment but a follow-up make it possible to do it in time.

Evaluation tests of respiratory, muscular, articular and functional function are a valuable set of tools used both in consultations and in clinical trials:

  • During the consultation, they allow to describe precisely the symptomatology and the deficits of the neuromuscular disease. Once the balance sheet is established, we can precisely choose rehabilitation and adapt it to each child.
  • In therapeutic trials, these tests will make it possible to select groups of homogeneous patients in order to evaluate the effect of certain therapeutics more objectively. Then we will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the medication tested.

Some tests precisely measure strength, muscle by muscle (Myometer). Other tests, more global, allow evaluating the motor functions of the lower and upper limbs in their entirety. These tests make it possible to see the consequence of the diseases in the activities of the daily life of the children.

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