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Neuromuscular and neurological diseases are complex diseases for which there are two needs: to develop new diagnostic tools and to discover new treatments. To support patients, I-Motion aims to be the place of clinical trials to evaluate these new diagnostic and treatment tools.

I-Motion’s objectives for clinical research are twofold:

  • To increase the number of patients included in these studies as well as the number of studies proposed on innovative treatments in as many diseases as possible in order to facilitate the access of these medications for patients
  • To be the privileged place and to facilitate the implementation of innovative therapies such as gene and cell therapy.

To achieve these objectives, I-Motion has a team dedicated to the preparation and implementation of these studies. In addition, I-Motion works very closely with all the services of the Trousseau hospital (technical platforms, research structures and clinical services, starting with pharmacy, resuscitation, orthopedics, etc.), as well as with the services of the Institute of Myology which provides control over it and which is at the origin of I-Motion.

Finally, in the context of multi-center trials, the I-Motion team works closely with several other hospitals in metropolitan France and overseas (Paris, Lille, Nantes, Toulouse, Lyon, Strasbourg, Toulon, Fort de France) and Europe (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany).

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