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Fanny Moraux

As general engineer, I oriented my professional project towards the medical sector very early, like Obelix says, I fell into it when I was little.

After various experiments on the certification of medical devices and then in a pharmaceutical laboratory I found myself on the quality department of a big DIY brand and I finally decided that it was time “my desires come to life” and that’s how I arrived at I-Motion shortly after its opening in July 2015.

Within I-Motion I have the role of quality engineer. My job is both to manage the biomedical equipment and to ensure that all our procedures are in accordance with regulations applicable in clinical research. With the help of the whole team I participate in the audits and implement action plans for continuous improvement.

Outside of work, I discover the joy of Parisian life with my husband. I enjoy parties with friends, board games, swimming and walking outdoors.

In the mural of I-Motion, I chose as a spirit animal the ant for its “harnic” character (in tribute to my Romanian colleagues) and yes, thanks to the multicultural environment we discover with pleasure new languages and resume practicing others.

It’s a Russian proverb to finish: стена не будет сделана с одним камнем !

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