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DMD: start at I-Motion of trials with pamrevlumab in ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients

I-Motion is recruiting patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy to participate in two pharmacological trials designed to test an antifibrotic monoclonal antibody, pamrevlumab (or FG-3019), developed by FibroGen.

The objective of these phase III trials is to assess the tolerance, safety and efficacy on the upper limbs, respiratory and cardiac functions of pamrevlumab administered by intravenous infusion in combination with oral corticosteroids in boys. with DMD, over 12 years old, ambulant (trial FGCL-3019-094) or non-ambulant (trial FGCL-3019-093).

Dr Silvana De Lucia is the principal investigator in these two trials at the I-Motion site.

Further details on trials FGCL-3019-094 and FGCL-3019-093

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