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The consultation at I-Motion Pediatric is coordinated by physicians, physiotherapists, and an occupational therapist. We have three rooms for medical consultations and two assessment rooms for physiotherapists.

Carte-patients-06-12-2016More than 300 patients are followed each year at I-Motion Pediatrics. We welcome patients of all ages (from newborns to adulthood) and of all nationalities (France, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom…). I-Motion can provide multidisciplinary follow-up for children with neuromuscular disease, but may also be limited by the second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment.

The main neuromuscular diseases diagnosed and managed are: Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Spinal amyotrophy, Congenital myopathy, Congenital or autoimmune myasthenia, inflammatory disease, rare disease without diagnosis…

Patient’s comprehensive follow-up

Follow-up is coordinated by a multidisciplinary team: cardiologist, pneumologist, physical and rehabilitation physician, orthopedist, neurologist, pediatrician, nutritionist, psychologist, according to regularly updated standards of care.

I-Motion physiotherapists connect with physiotherapists who take care of the patient in town in order to ensure management of the patient and comprehensive follow-up.

The occupational therapist intervenes to help with the prescription and adaptation either of devices (orthotics, wheelchair) or of the child’s environment (housing, vehicle, school environment).

Interviews with the psychologist allow the child, his parents, and if necessary his siblings, to be able to confront the diagnosis and the various stages of the health care pathway (loss of walking, surgery, participation in a clinical trial, for example). As for motor rehabilitation, a link with the local network is made. 

The AFM-Téléthon‘s care referents are in direct contact with us to provide support to the patients in their life project and their relationship with the environment (school, medical and social structures, work, etc.).

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