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The organization of I-Motion is centered around the patient, his/her management and follow-up. The aim is to welcome each patient and his / her family in excellent conditions, ensuring their well-being and safety. It’s located in the hospital but where patients are able to feel out of the hospital.

The welcoming at I-Motion is warm and personalized. I-Motion’s international reputation brings together different nationalities, languages ​​and cultures in one place every day. Like the life of the families who have often come from afar, the life of I-Motion is organized and adapted according to the frequency of visits (weekly for certain clinical trials), to make these visits more effective and as pleasant as possible.

The main asset of I-Motion is therefore the quality of its welcoming. Everything is done to facilitate the management and follow-up of the patients: the premises are adapted, the equipment is specific, the staff trained, competent and passionate, works in a spirit of exchanges and interactions. The main professionals involved in the therapeutic management of patients and the implementation of clinical trials are gathered in one place.

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