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Vianney, mentor of the Telethon, on 8 & 9 December

After Matt Pokora, Soprano and Kev Adams, it’s singer and composer Vianney’s turn to join forces with researchers, families and thousands of volunteers across France in the fight against rare diseases on 8 and 9 December 2023.

The ambassador families for the next Telethon reflect the victories won thanks to you, against diseases that were once incurable, and the hope of finding treatments for those who have none. Ibrahima, aged 2, suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, yet he walks like all children his age, using a gene therapy drug administered 5 weeks after birth, even before the first symptoms appeared. Kelly, 15, is smiling because this therapeutic revolution is proving effective for her condition. For Léon, aged 9, and Tony, father of Ivy, aged 4, the situation is urgent. The urgency to put a name to their disease, the urgency to find treatments for these diseases that are evolving every day.

Save the date! Join us on 8 and 9 December on France Télévisions and throughout France and abroad for the Telethon 2023!

> Find out more about the Téléthon 2023 (in French)

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