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Dominique Duchêne

As agronomic engineer, I left a lab bench, sweet potatoes and other GMOs to establish “Beyond  Quiévrain”. After 13 years of volunteering at the AFM, I joined the I-Motion Clinical Trials team, exceeding the average age… what gave me a nice nickname “Mother-to-All”.

As an ARC, I coordinate several therapeutic trials with the pleasure of combining science, research, organization and human contact. Every day is a great human adventure due to richness in the geographical and cultural diversity of our little patients.

Outside of I-Motion, I love nature, Breton coasts, mountains, travelling, reading, games, swimming and squash, and above all, my two wonderful children.

In the I-Motion mural, I will choose the snail, spirit animal of my native town, even though its pace is not really appropriate here.

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