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Dr Emmanuelle Lagrue, MD-PhD, pediatric neurologist, joins Généthon and I-Motion

Dr Emmanuelle Lagrue, MD-PhD, pediatric neurologist, simultaneously joins Généthon, the AFM-Telethon laboratory dedicated to gene therapy, as Senior Medical Manager, and I-Motion, the pediatric clinical trials platform of the Institute of Myology, as Deputy Director.

Holder of a university degree in pediatric neurology and a doctorate in Sciences, Dr Emmanuelle Lagrue multiplies expertises. After her pediatric internship at AP-HP, she practiced at the Tours University Hospital where she was deputy director of the Neuropediatrics and Handicap Unit, which is also a clinical investigation center for clinical trials. She is the author or co-author of numerous publications in the fields of clinical and basic research. With 15 years of hospital practice and cutting-edge clinical research, Dr Emmanuelle Lagrue reinforces the expertise of Généthon and I-Motion in their respective fields.

By dividing her time between these two structures of the AFM-Telethon, Dr Emmanuelle Lagrue will participate in the development of innovative therapies and will bring her experience to the service of optimizing therapeutic trial protocols and mobilizing clinical networks. Her contribution and her vision are valuable assets for Généthon and I-Motion.

At a time when gene therapy clinical trials are multiplying for neuromuscular diseases, putting my expertise at the service of research, from the construction of protocols to the implementation of trials, is a challenge that I take up with enthusiasm. We live in a crucial time when research is translated into treatments that change the lives of patients ”.

As part of her duties at the Tours University Hospital, Dr Emmanuelle Lagrue notably enabled a two-month-old baby with type I SMA to benefit from the gene therapy drug available for this disease, the youngest baby treated in France to date.

Dr Emmanuelle Lagrue is also a member of many learned societies around muscle, such as the French neuromuscular network FILNEMUS, the World Muscle Society or the French Society of Myology, of which she has been a director since 2018.

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