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Dr Marina Colella, MD, PhD, Paediatrician, Assistant Director – I-Motion Medical Staff Manager and Saadane Kirouani, Assistant Director – I-Motion Non-medical Staff Manager, co-manage the I-Motion Pediatric platform. They also co-manage the I-Motion Adults platform at the Institute of Myology, located at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris.

The team of professionals trained specifically for clinical research and for contacts with patients and their families is composed of several physicians (Dr Marina Colella, Dr Andreea M. Seferian, Dr Silvana De Lucia, Dr Marta Gomez Garcia de La Banda), physiotherapists (Allison Grangé,Marjorie Banos), clinical research associates (Marta Peretti, Aurélie Phelep, Mohamed Ibrahim), project managers (Dominique Duchêne, Erwan Gasnier), quality engineers (Fanny Moraux) and medical secretary (Malgorzata Tota). All are in the service of children, whether they participate in clinical trials or receive neuromuscular consultations.

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