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December 2 and 3: ready for the Telethon!

You live abroad and want to play a part in the Telethon? Join the Telethon for French people abroad and help us break records of mobilization around the world! 

On December 2 and 3, 2022, the Telethon will rally together millions of French people to support research and enable the AFM-Telethon to fulfill its missions throughout the year and continue its fight against rare and neuromuscular diseases. 

Originally, a fierce determination: cure our children, our loved ones affected by rare genetic diseases, unknown and incurable, affecting families from generation to generation. 
We never gave up. We have faced unprecedented challenges and, today, a true revolution in medicine is underway. The lives of patients have changed, they have access to diagnosis, to adapted care pathways, and, for some, to the first treatments. We believed that it could happen and, step by step, overcame obstacles. 
Because 95% of rare diseases remain without treatment, because more and more drug candidates are on the verge of clinical trials, we must, more than ever, keep innovating to multiply victories.
To keep the promise made to our children – finding a cure, WE WILL NOT GIVE UP
” recalled Laurence Tiennot-Herment, President of AFM-Telethon. 

Every first weekend of December, 215000 volunteers organize fundraising initiatives throughout France and abroad for the Telethon. You can join us!

French expatriates have rallied around the world for the Telethon

Sporting challenges, climb of the highest mountains, tournaments of all sorts, charity galas… Every year, close to a hundred fundraising events are organized in more than 20 countries around the globe for the Telethon. If you are interested in being involved, follow these practical steps.

1.    Organize an event for the Telethon
Would you like to organize a Telethon event in your country of residence? Send an email to tfe@afm-telethon.fr: Marion, the coordinator of the Telethon for French people abroad will contact you and support you in setting up your event.

2.    Send us your photos and videos
To increase your event’s visibility, share photos and videos on social media with the hashtags #telethon2022 and #telethonFE2022. Also send us your photos and videos at tfe@afm-telethon.fr

3.    Fundraise online
Create your fundraising page with its own donation meter. Showcase your page on social media and drive up the global donation meter of the Telethon for French people abroad. 

For more information:
–    Facebook Page for the Telethon for French people abroad 
–    The 2022 Telethon website (in French)    

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