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Erwan Gasnier

As a Biologist, I have always wanted to get closer to the medical field. In addition, being personally affected by a neuromuscular pathology, it was only natural that I approached the Institute of Myology. My curiosity, my versatility and my attention to detail are my main qualities.

After completing my PhD in molecular and cellular biology in the AIM research laboratory, I completed my course with a Clinical Research Associate qualification. This allowed me to make the link between the world of scientific research and that of biomedical research.

In 2014, I joined the therapeutic trials team of the Institute of Myology as a Clinical Research Technician on a project of inertial sensors used to measure the daily activity of patients. In 2020, I became a project manager at both the Institute of Myology and i-Motion. In addition to taking care of conventional clinical studies, I set up, with the help of one of my colleagues, an assessment platform project dedicated to exoskeletons allowing movement assistance in patients with neuromuscular pathologies within the Institute of Myology. With a little luck, Iron Man will give us soon his armor to test… ^^

In the meantime, I come home every evening to find the two furballs’ cats and when I have the time, I indulge in my great passion: building collectible Lego.

Among the animals on the walls of I-Motion, I chose the leopard that reminds me of a big cat who spends a good part of his time sleeping, slumped on a branch … not much different from my cats who spend their time sleeping on the sofa…

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