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Marta Peretti

From Milan to Paris, with a stop in Amiens, here is how I arrived at I-motion. 

After some years passed at the lab-bench and a PhD in cellular physiology, I was looking for some changes in my professional life. I decided to start to explore the field of clinical research. And which place better than I-motion to find the dynamism and the contact with the patients that I was looking for? Between its walls, full of cheerfulness and of people from different cultures, I immediately felt at home. I arrived for my training and I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to remain and work as a clinical research associate and study coordinator. One of my role is to be the connection between all the participants of the clinical protocols, families included, to assure that the visits proceed at their best.

Outside my working hours I love to travel: to explore new cultures, new landscapes and new foods. I like movies and theater (I here confess my passion for musicals!) and, of course, I enjoy to go back to Italy to go to concerts and to feel my heart with the love of my family and friends…and my stomach with pizzas!

I choose to swim with the fishes of I-motion’s wall paintings because they have the chance to live in and to explore everyday my favorite element: the sea! 


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