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Opening of the phase III study evaluating mexiletine in children and adolescents with myotonic disorders

MEX-NM-301 clinical study opens at I-Motion. This open-label, non-comparative phase III study aims to evaluate the steady-state pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy of Mexiletine in adolescents and children with Myotonic disorders. Mexiletine is a sodium channel blocker indicated, in adult, in France, for the symptomatic treatment of myotonic syndromes (myotonic dystrophies and non-dystrophic myotonias or channelopathies). … Continued
23 August 2021

DMD: start at I-Motion of trials with pamrevlumab in ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients

I-Motion is recruiting patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy to participate in two pharmacological trials designed to test an antifibrotic monoclonal antibody, pamrevlumab (or FG-3019), developed by FibroGen. The objective of these phase III trials is to assess the tolerance, safety and efficacy on the upper limbs, respiratory and cardiac functions of pamrevlumab administered by intravenous … Continued
20 July 2021

Interview with France Pietri-Rouxel on a French radio

France Pietri-Rouxel, leader of the Gene Therapy for DMD & Skeletal Muscle Pathophysiology Group at the Myology Centre for Research of the institute was the guest of Sidonie Bonnec in the radio programme “Minute Papillon” on the French radio station France Bleu on June 3. Many questions around muscle and its study were addressed: what is myology; how the … Continued
04 June 2021

SMA-PAR, a study of the parenthood experience of parents of children with SMA conducted by Sophie Boursange

Sophie Boursange, psychologist at I-Motion, is currently carrying out research in human and social sciences within the department, under the supervision of Prof. M. Gargiulo, clinical psychologist and Professor of psychology at the University of Paris. This research aims to describe the subjective experience of parents and to analyze the impact of the disease on … Continued
02 April 2021

DMD: start at I-Motion of a gene therapy trial using a microdystrophin designed by Genethon in collaboration with Sarepta Therapeutics

The gene therapy used in this trial combines an AAV-type viral vector and a shortened version of the dystrophin gene, the microdystrophin, designed by researchers and experts from Genethon – a laboratory funded by AFM-Telethon – in collaboration with the team of Prof. George Dickson (University of London) and the team of Caroline Le Guiner … Continued
01 March 2021
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