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The physiotherapists provide, on the one hand, the evaluation of the capacities of the child and, on the other hand, its rehabilitative follow-up.

Assessment of child’s capacity at I-Motion

The assessment of the child’s capacities is carried out due to the various tests and tools available at I-Motion Pediatric: 6-minute walking test, MFM, myotools, testing, complete joint assessment. These assessments are performed in order to obtain an objective follow-up of the pathology evolution.

Implementation of a rehabilitation follow-up in town

  • When the child is already followed up in town, the platform’s physiotherapists regularly make adjustments with the parents and the therapist on the pathology and on the program followed, so as in time it may require readjustments according to the evolution of the disease.
  • When a new diagnosis is announced, and it is necessary to implement rehabilitation, the I-Motion physiotherapist helps families to find a liberal practitioner who can take care of a child with neuromuscular disease. As far as the pathologies treated at the Institute are rare, there is no reference centers and “specialist” on the subject. Exchanges by telephone and / or mail make it possible to inform caregiver about the specificities of these rare pathologies. Then, a rehabilitation program is jointly set up, based on the balance sheet prepared in consultation. Therapists often enjoy having a simple connection during the consultation and an available ear to answer the questions.
  • When a patient comes from abroad, the connection with the therapists can also be done by mail and telephone. Photos and videos made at I-Motion can be forwarded by parents.
  • When parents do not have access to a medical staff (which is the case with many of our foreign consultants), the physiotherapists teach the parents to perform a minimum of exercises, stretching…

Thus, for each situation and even if the conditions are not always optimal, everything is set up to allow the child to have a personalized follow-up. A written record of the consultation is given to each patient.

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