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Every day, the Institute relies on the know-how and expertise of its team: paediatric neurologists, physiotherapists, project managers, clinical research associates, assistant, medical secretary, quality engineer, nurses and laboratory technicians.

  • Paediatric neurologists have two activities: they conduct clinical consultations of children as well as inclusion visits and protocol follow-up visits in clinical trials.
  • Physiotherapists are in charge of the evaluation of muscular status of patients. In the trials, they perform follow-up tests to assess the muscle loss or gain associated with pathologies.
  • Project leaders are involved in the preparation of clinical studies before submission to the ethics committee, the ANSM or the CNIL, as appropriate. They are invested in all stages of clinical trials.
  • Clinical researcher associates (ARC) are responsible for the proper logistical conduct of clinical trials at all levels. They provide the link between the different participants of the trial and they are the guarantors of the proper coordination of the stages.
  • An assistant and a medical secretary are close to the patients and always present to welcome them and accompany them throughout their journey within the I-Motion Institute.
  • The quality engineer is in charge of the quality of very important procedures in support of the clinical trials.
  • A team of clinical research nurses and laboratory technicians is able to intervene in the management of patients included in clinical studies.

Find the members of the team here!

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