Adult I-Motion

Head : Dr Giorgia Querin

The Adult Clinical Trials centre is dedicated to clinical research in adults focusing on therapeutic trials, natural histories, medical devices and observational studies. 

The I-Motion Adults platform is located in the Babinski building on the site of the Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital and works in close collaboration with the Service of Neuro-Myology headed by Prof. Bertrand Fontaine and with the different poles of the Hospital and research laboratories from the Institute of Myology. 

The team consists of a clinical studies doctor, a project manager and two clinical research associates. 

Currently 12 industrial intervention studies, 12 academic intervention studies and 12 non-interventional studies are underway. 


Team members

Dr Giorgia Querin, MD, PhD, Neurologist, Head of the platform
Dr Marie-Charlotte Hallouin, MD
Saadane Kirouani, Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Project manager
Dina Ferhat, Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
Soumeya Hammal, Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
Khadija Brahimi, Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
Marie Alsina, Quality engineer


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