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Created by the will of four partners, the Institute of Myology, the AFM-Telethon, Paris hospitals (l’Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) and Sorbonne University, I-Motion is a pediatric clinical trial platform for neuromuscular and neurological diseases. It aims to meet the new needs created by the emergence of therapies for diseases long considered incurable and mainly affecting children.

I-Motion, located at the Trousseau Pediatric Hospital of AP-HP (Lemariey Building), allows young patients to have the best care conditions, in a suitable, warm and secure environment. It has access to the technical platforms, research structures and clinical services of the Trousseau hospital. All consultations and specialists are presented in one place, which also simplify follow-up and management for children and their parents.

In addition to care activities and clinical trials, I-Motion develops tools to measure the effectiveness of treatments and also conducts the collection and storage of biological samples.

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