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Allison Grangé

Graduated in Physiotherapy since 2009, I first worked in private practrice for several years where I had the chance to treat adults as well as young patients. This activity has been very enlightening but I missed working with a team.

From summer 2015 to summer 2017, I went to live in Canada, in Montréal precisely. There, the French is a quite different! It was a very surprising experience! I did catch some new expressions there! When I came back to France, fortified form my new experience abroad, I wanted to give a new dimension to my activity. Working in clinical trials’ platform seemed to be a good opportunity. What I like about I-Motion is first working with children but the hope of improving their condition !

As a physiotherapist, my role in the team is to assess the motor function and respiratory status of our patients for clinical studies and consultations.

What I like to do when I am not at work : Going to the movie, hanging out with my friends and mostly TRAVELING !

I chose the fish as totem animal because I am a huge fan of scuba diving! My dream : diving with the whales and manta rays! 

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