From the collection of muscle tissue samples to clinical research and fundamental research in genetics and pathophysiology, the teams at the Institute of Myology’s Research Pole are conducting multidisciplinary and translational research to a standard of excellence on the muscle, muscle diseases and a variety of muscle conditions: ageing muscle, muscle injury, and in the longer term, the muscle in space and the muscle of athletes.

The Center of Research in Myology encompasses 8 scientific teams with common scientific priorities: fundamental research, research into neuromuscular diseases and therapeutic applications. These three vast fields of research cover the muscle, the neuromuscular junction and the motor neuron.

The Neuromuscular Investigation Center encompasses three laboratories and a tissue bank: the NMR Laboratory – Spectroscopy Laboratory to study muscle anatomy, physiology and biochemistry in vivo; the Morphological Unit, dedicated to identifying and characterising neuromuscular diseases of genetic origin; and the Neuromuscular Physiology and Evaluation Laboratory, specialised in designing and developing measurement tools used during clinical trials., and the Myobank tissue bank, the purpose of which is to facilitate research in the area of neuromuscular diseases, thanks to its mission: collecting, preparing, storing and making available human tissue samples. This biological resources Centre is intended for exclusive use in research, while respecting fundamental human rights.

Combined with the other Institute Poles (the Service of Neuro-Myology, Registers and Databases, the Child Clinical Trial Centre (I-Motion Pediatric) and the Adult Clinical Trial Centre (I-Motion Adults), the Research Pole is a beneficial ecosystem, favouring interactions and the emergence of innovative projects.