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Please note that this page is not dedicated to the exchange of health data (diagnoses, prescriptions, test results, medical correspondence, etc.). We are unable to guarantee the confidentiality and security of data transmitted via this page.


You are a patient with a medical question

  • For patients already being treated in the Service of Neuro-Myology, please contact directly the reception of the consultation of the Service of Neuro-Myology.
  • To make a first appointment in the Service of Neuro-Myology, patients must have a letter from a neurologist/specialist referring them to a specialist neuromuscular consultation.

You are looking for information about clinical trials

To apply to take part in a clinical trial, patients must first consult their doctor, who will give them all the necessary information and explain the process to be followed.

If you are a foreign patient, it is necessary to go through your referral doctor in your country beforehand. He or she will refer you to a reference centre specialising in the area concerned (country, Europe or other continents) with a covering letter.

You would like to send us an unsolicited application for an internship or a position

If you would like to send us an unsolicited application for an internship or a position, please send a cover letter and a CV to

You are looking for informations about the Institute of Myology

If you are looking for information on teaching, research, teams, events or other subjects related to the Institute of Myology’s activities that do not appear on our site, please fill in the form below so that we can reply to you or direct your search.


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