Service of Neuro-Myology

The Service of Neuro-Myology is headed by Bertrand Fontaine.

It includes two reference centres belonging to the Nord/Est/Ile de France neuromuscular disease reference centre: the muscular canalopathy reference centre coordinated by Pr Bertrand Fontaine, and the neuromuscular disease reference centre coordinated by Dr Tanya Stojkovic.

The fields of competence of ourservice include diagnostic expertise in the disease and its complications, therapeutic management, genetic counselling, patient follow-up for all the above elements and clinical research.

The service provides pluridisciplinary consultations for adults and children. The patient is seen successively by the coordinating physician, a neurologist, then by the cardiologist (echography), pneumologist (functional respiratory tests), physiotherapist, psychologist and social worker. Cardiological and respiratory management advice, genetic counselling, help with familial or psychological difficulties and information about quality of life consequences are offered. Emphasis is placed on the functional physiotherapy consultation.

The pathologies under examination are either genetic (dystrophies, congenital myopathies, metabolic myopathies, congenital myasthenic syndromes, neuropathies) or acquired (myasthenia gravis, inflammatory, endocrine, toxic or iatrogenic myopathies, psychogenic affections).