I-Motion Pediatric

Assistant Director – I-Motion Medical Staff Manager: Dr Marina Colella
Assistant Director – I-Motion Non-medical Staff Manager: Saadane Kirouani

I-Motion Pediatric was created at the behest of four partners, the Institute of Myology, AFM-Téléthon, the AP-HP (Paris public hospital system), and Sorbonne University, and is a paediatric clinical trial platform for neuromuscular diseases. Its objective is to meet the new needs created by the emergence of therapies for diseases that were long-considered incurable, many of which affect children.

Located at the site of the Trousseau Paediatric Hospital in the Division of Infant surgery headed by Prof. Raphaël Vialle, part of the AP-HP (the Paris public hospital system), in the Lemariey building, I-Motion is designed to treat young patients under the best conditions possible, in a tailored, welcoming and secure environment. It benefits from accessibility to the technical platforms, research structures and clinical services of Trousseau Hospital. All of the consultations and specialists can be found at a single location, which also facilitates the follow-up and treatment process, for the children and also for their parents.

As well as its medical care and clinical trial activities, I-Motion Pediatric develops measurement tools to assess the efficacy of treatments, and is also responsible for collecting and storing biological samples.

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Team members

Dr Marina Colella, MD, PhD, Paediatrician, Assistant Director – I-Motion Medical Staff Manager
Saadane Kirouani, Assistant Director – I-Motion Non-medical Staff Manager

Medical and paramedical staff
Dr Andreea Seferian, MD, Paediatric Neurologist
Dr Silvana De Lucia, MD, Paediatric Neurologist
Dr Marta Gomez Garcia de La Banda, MD, Paediatric Neurologist
Allison Grangé, Physiotherapist
Marjorie Banos, Physiotherapist

Malgorzata Tota, Medical Secretary

Non medical staff
Dominique Duchêne, Project Manager, Clinical Research Associates (CRA) Coordinator
Erwan Gasnier, PhD, Project Manager

Fanny Moraux, Quality Engineer

Marta Peretti, PhD, Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
Aurélie Phelep, PhD, Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
Mohamed Ibrahim, Clinical Research Associate (CRA)



Key publications