NMR Laboratory – Spectroscopy Laboratory

Co-team leaders : Harmen Reyngoudt & Benjamin Marty

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging and spectroscopy are powerful techniques that can be used to study muscle anatomy, physiology and biochemistry during one single examination.

In addition, muscle intrinsic contrast with NMR is incomparably richer than with other techniques and optimized radiofrequency pulse sequences allow quantifying specifically different variables, like the intramuscular fat fraction, muscle water relaxation times, muscle perfusion and oxygenation, which can be altered in patients with neuromuscular disorders.

Our laboratory focuses most of its efforts in the development of these quantitative NMR methods, their validation, their promotion and their implementation in mono-centric and multi-centric clinical trials related to neuromuscular disorder. These trials allow studying both the natural history of the pathology or the effect of a novel therapeutic approach.

More precisely, our research projects aim at:

  • Developing novel NMR contrasts in preclinical and clinical settings aiming at detecting and quantifying different pathophysiological processes involved in the onset and progression of myopathies, like muscle inflammation, necrosis and fibrosis.
  • Determining the prognostic value of these novel NMR variables on disease progression in several neuromuscular disorders
  • Developing tools to investigate the muscle at exercise (non-magnetic ergometers, multinuclear interleaved data acquisitions, …).
  • Accelerating NMR data acquisition using novel acquisition schemes (undersampled radial encoding) and multi-parametric data acquisitions (MR-fingerprinting, deep learning approaches, …).


Team members

Benjamin Marty, PhD, Co-teamleader, AIM
Harmen Reyngoudt, PhD, Co-teamleader, AIM

Wiem Achour, Quality engineer, AIM
Isabelle Ackermann-Bonan, MD, radiologist, AIM
Pierre-Yves Baudin, Design engineer, PhD, AIM
Jean-Marc Boisserie, MRI technologist, AIM
Ericky Caldas de Almeida Araújo, PhD, Research associate, AIM
Julien Dousseau, Animal technician, AIM
Yves Fromes, MD, PhD, Physician, DR1, AIM
Eric Giacomini, Design engineer, CEA, AIM
Alfredo Lopez Kolkovsky, PhD, Research associate, AIM
Béatrice Matot, PhD, Research associate, AIM
Constantin Slioussarenko, Doctoral research fellow, AIM
Cécilia Ty, MRI technologist, AIM




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