Team 3- Cell and Molecular Orchestration in Muscle Regeneration, Ageing and Diseases

Vincent Mouly et Capucine Trollet - Centre de recherche en myologie - Institut de Myologie, Paris France

Team 3, headed by Capucine Trollet and Vincent Mouly, is working on the molecular and cellular actors involved in human muscle regeneration, in muscle ageing and in muscular dystrophies including oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD) and Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

More precisely we are working on RNA metabolism, muscle regeneration, muscle stem cells, and fibrosis, with the final aim of developing innovative therapeutic approaches.

We have a strong expertise on human cellular models (this includes the immortalization facility that we have initiated) – and xenotransplantation (this includes several immunodeficient mouse models and grafting procedures).


Themes currently developed in parallel and in synergy

  1. Dissection of the molecular mechanisms relevant to OPMD and muscle ageing
  2. Dissection of cellular communication during muscle ageing, fibrosis and regeneration
  3. Development of therapeutic approaches.


Team members

Vincent Mouly (DR2 CNRS, co-team leader)
Capucine Trollet (CR1 INSERM, co-team leader)
Mona Bensalah (Doc)
Anne Bigot (CR AIM)
Gillian S Butler-Browne (DR1 INSERM, Emeritus)
Jamila Dhiab (IE)
Justine Flaire (IE)
Yann Frey (M2)
Teresa Gidaro (PH)
Jean Lacau St Guily (PUPH)
Kamel Mamchaoui (IR AIM)
Alix Marhic (M2)
Laura Muraine (IE)
Elisa Negroni (CR AIM)
Jessica Ohana (apprentice)
Sophie Perie (PUPH)
Fanny Roth (Doc)