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NMR Laboratory – Spectroscopy Laboratory



P. Carlier

Director : Dr Pierre Carlier, MD, PhD, CEA

Main aims

NMR is unique Muscle imaging technique in the sense that it can be used to study muscle anatomy (with standard MRI protocols), muscle physiology (with functional MRI) and muscle biochemistry (with NMR spectroscopy) during one single examination. In addition, muscle intrinsic contrast with MRI is incomparably richer than with other techniques and it can be manipulated to sensitize signal specifically to many different variables, from fat or fibrosis to perfusion and oxygenation. As far as imaging of cell and gene therapy is concerned, innovative solutions are actively being searched using in vivo fluorescence, bioluminescence, SPECT and PET. Of course, NMR also plays an active role in the field but cannot pretend superiority, mainly because of lower sensitivity of labelling with NMR contrast agents. Nevertheless, specific areas of applications may emerge in favour of NMR, such as perhaps monitoring the fate of therapeutic cells in vivo. Due to their huge potential pre-clinical and clinical impact, such high risk projects deserve to be pursued and are an integral part of our muscle imaging program.

Team members

Since the laboratory was founded, the emphasis was put on multidisciplinarity, an essential condition for the development of new applications in advanced medical imaging, requiring very varied knowledge and assessments. Stronger connections with clinical department and research laboratories inside and outside the Institut de Myologie will be developed and transient or even permanent joint affiliations of new personnel in our group and in other clinical or fundamental research groups will be encouraged.


2016 - Equipe du labo RMN de l'Institut de MyologieFull-time staff

Pierre Carlier, MD, PhD, CEA
Noura Azzabou, PhD, AIM
Jean-Marc Boisserie, AIM
Ericky Caldas de Almeida Araújo, PhD, AIM
Teresa Gerhalter, Siemens
Julien Le Louër, AIM
Alfredo Lopez Kolkovsky, PhD, AIM
Aurea Beatriz Martins-Bach, PhD, AIM
Benjamin Marty, PhD, AIM
Béatrice Matot, PhD, AIM
Harmen Reyngoudt, PhD, AIM

Part-time staff and collaborators

Inès Barthélémy, PhD, ENVA
Yves Fromes, MD, PhD, AIM
Jacques de Certaines, MD, PhD
Julien Dousseau, AIM
Eric Giacomini, CEA
Raymond Gilles, CH Wallonie Picardie
François Leterrier, MD, PhD
Marc Lapert, PhD, Siemens
Olivier Scheidegger, MD, Inselspital University Hospital, Bern, Switzerland
Marcel Toussaint, MD, PhD, AIM
Julie Vandenheede, AIM



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