institut de myologie, myology, Pitié-Salpêtrière, paris

Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory


J.-Y. Hogrel

Director : Dr Jean-Yves Hogrel

Our principal objectives are

  • Develop tools and evaluation methods of neuromuscular function. 
These tools and methods are necessary for the diagnosis of the disease and the follow-up of motor unit performances. This priority research orientation is justified by the need to improve the quantitative follow-up of patients, particularly for the evaluation of pharmacological, gene or cellular therapies.
  • To implement protocols allowing to emphasize and to better understand the physiological mechanisms at the origin of the functional modifications observed.
    These protocols could be exploited for therapeutic trials of neuromuscular diseases, but also in other situations such as surgery, ageing, hypokinesia or reconditioning.
  • Thanks to its maintenance, innovation and technology transfer activities, the Laboratory is examining the possibilities of valorisation and clinical transfer of new techniques and diagnostic and follow-up methods for neuromuscular pathologies.
  • The Laboratory is also working on the development of an Assurance/Quality referential. To our knowledge, a laboratory accredited in the field of functional explorations in the clinical environment does not exist. Nevertheless, it will be essential to guarantee the quality of neuromuscular force measurements during multicentric protocols whilst being based on validated procedures. 
By starting an Assurance/Quality approach, the Laboratory, aims to be the driving force behind a network of accredited centres.


Team members

  • Jean-Yves Hogrel, PhD, Biomedical Engineer, Laboratory director
  • Valérie Decostre, PhD, Physical therapist, Research fellow
  • Damien Bachasson, PhD, Physical therapist, Research fellow
  • Simone Birnbaum, PhD, Physical therapist, Research fellow
  • Erwan Gasnier, PhD, Project manager
  • Isabelle Ledoux, Biomedical Engineer
  • Aurélie Canal, Physical therapist
  • Thomas Poulard, PhD student
  • Alper Carras-Ayaz, Engineering student
  • Kevin Gramage-Medina, Masters student



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