The Institute is recruiting a Postdoctoral fellow (SLA) for the Centre for Research in Myology

The “Biotherapies for motor neuron disorders group” (BOND) is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to lead a preclinical research project on the evaluation of the therapeutic effects of a gene therapy strategy for the treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) caused by mutation of the SOD1 gene. The project includes in vitro studies on human cell lines and in vivo tests on a mouse model of the disease. More details will be provided on demand. 

The BOND group is located in the Center of Research in Myology, Sorbonne University, INSERM U974, Institute of Myology (Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, Paris), a unique environment for research and development of innovative therapies for neuromuscular diseases. Candidates will therefore have the opportunity to work in a stimulating and enriching context.

The team is focused on the study of novel biotherapies for motor neuron disorders. Specifically, we demonstrated the beneficial effect of an adeno-associated vector and an exon skipping strategy to reduce the production of toxic SOD1 in a murine model of the disease (Biferi et al., Mol Ther, 2017). This therapeutic product is currently being developed in collaboration with the Genethon (Evry, France).

In the frame of a pre-clinical study for our therapy, we are looking for a highly motivated scientist with a good background in cell biology, molecular biology and in vivo manipulation. Experience in AAV handling and computational biology would be an advantage. A track-record of publications in peer-reviewed journal and a good ability to work in a collaborative environment and to supervise students are required.


The position is available for a scientist motivated by projects at the interface between basic and applied research. The position is for 1 year.


Please send us your application with a CV, a cover letter outlining your motivation, a short summary of your past research and the names of at least two references.
The working language will be English.