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Engineering muscle for human transplant – Interview with Bruno Cadot

In August 2023, Bruno Cadot won a call for proposals organised by the German National Innovation Fund (SPRIN-D) to finance his innovative project to create a synthetic muscle, combining chemistry and biology. Now that proof of concept has been achieved in mice, the next step is to make the transition to human transplants. Interview with Bruno … [Read more]

The Institute of Myology gives guidelines for physical activity in neuromuscular diseases

In a contribution to Médicosport-santé© published on the vidal.fr website, researchers and clinicians from the Institute of Myology report on what is known about physical activity in neuromuscular diseases: they have analysed the literature over the last 30 years and give recommendations for training by disease group (muscular dystrophies, idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, metabolic myopathies, mitochondrial … [Read more]

A focus on complex cases of autosomal dominant titinopathies

An international consortium of researchers coordinated by a team of geneticists from Montpellier and including researchers and clinicians from the Institute is reporting the clinical and biological data of patients diagnosed with primary titinopathy on the basis of more sophisticated investigations (including the RNA-seq technique): 17 patients corresponding to eight families were included in the … [Read more]

RhoA is a key regulator of myoblast fusion

Satellite cells (SCs) are adult muscle stem cells that are recruited when muscle homeostasis is disturbed. The RhoA GTPase is an important signalling enzyme involved in the rearrangement of the actin cytoskeleton and in the differentiation of myoblast lines. A team from the Institut Cochin in collaboration with researchers from the Institute’s Myology Research Centre … [Read more]

CMT 4J: heterogeneous clinical pictures where electrophysiology is not always sufficient for diagnosis

Mutations in the FIG4 gene are responsible not only for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) 4J disease, but also for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Parkinson disease. In this article, involving clinicians from the Institut de Myologie, published in November 2023, of the eight patients described, six had pure CMT and two had CMT associated with Parkinson disease; three … [Read more]

Gene therapy for gene-based myopathies: review of the literature and prospects

Gene therapy has emerged as a promising avenue in the search for effective treatments for patients with gene-based myopathies. This review of the dedicated scientific literature, carried out by two clinicians from the Institute of Myology, explores the use of viral vectors and in particular recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors as powerful tools for gene … [Read more]

Treatment of thymoma with immune checkpoint inhibitors increases the risk of muscle toxicity

An analysis of various registries and clinical trial data, carried out by an international team involving researchers from the Institute of Myology, revealed: 1,495 cases of myocarditis with immune checkpoint inhibitors in the World Health Organization’s VigiBase registry, a rare (around 1%) but potentially serious adverse event, a 10- to 30-fold greater risk of ICI … [Read more]

Myotubular muscular dystrophy: trial results show efficacy on respiratory and motor function, but challenges remain

Yesterday, The Lancet Neurology published the clinical results of a gene therapy trial conducted by Astellas Gene Therapies, using a drug candidate developed at Genethon, in 24 children suffering from myotubular myopathy, a very severe muscle disease. This international trial, which is taking place in 6 investigating centres around the world, including I-Motion, the Institut … [Read more]

The expertise of the NMR laboratory used to monitor the growth of a patient’s heart

Benjamin Marty is co-leader of the NMR and Spectroscopy Laboratory at the Institute’s  Neuromuscular Investigation Center. Together with Yves Fromes, also a researcher in this NMR lab, they just published an article* in The Lancet, in collaboration with Prof Kamenicky, describing the longitudinal muscular (skeletal and cardiac) exploration of a patient with hypopituitary dwarfism treated … [Read more]

Mariko Okubo awarded at the WMS for the discovery of a potential new role for lamins

Mariko Okubo is a post-doctoral researcher in the Myology Centre for Research in the « Myomatrix & Myonucleus Related Diseases: Genetics & Pathophysiology » team. She is a Japanese Pediatric Neurologist and came to Paris two years ago. She was awarded the Léa Rose Prize at the WMS annual conference held from 3 to 7 … [Read more]