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You will find here all the news of the institute on Myology:

In Institute events, job offers and institutional news but also interview with our experts, events taking place at the institute (webinars, seminars, participation in conferences, awareness days, etc.) and of course the scientific and medical news of the institute’s teams.

Myology Research Highlights brings together scientific briefs written on the basis of articles published by teams from the institute and from around the world.

In Newsletter, find the bimonthly newsletters of the Institute of Myology which inform you about developments in myology research and present a summary of scientific, medical, political and associative news concerning neuromuscular diseases.

Conferences and meetings brings together major upcoming national and international events, congresses, conferences, masterclasses, summer schools, seminars, webinars, etc.

The Advances in research documents present the medical and scientific news for a given neuromuscular disease or group of neuromuscular diseases.

Finally, you can access the articles published by teams from the Institute of Myology from the Publications page.