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Release of the 81st newsletter from the Institute

WMS 2202: Experts from the Institute of Myology take the floor The 25th International Annual Congress of the World Muscle Society, which brings together muscle experts from all over the world, will highlight the work of many researchers from the Institute of Myology created by AFM-Telethon. The French popular singer Matt Pokora will be the … [Read more]

Launching of “1000 researchers in high schools”

The scientific information event for high school students is being continued for the 8th year. It will take place from November 2 to 30, 2020. Faced with the totally unprecedented 2020 context, the will is intact to make every effort to ensure that great meetings take place, face-to-face as much as possible, and by videoconference … [Read more]

“Fête de la Science” at the Institute: 6-10 October

The operation, organized each year by the Ministry in charge of Education, Research and Innovation, aims to allow everyone to discover the world of science and meet the women and men who do science today. It will take place virtually this year. From October 6 to 9, the AFM-Telethon will offer interactive discussion sessions with … [Read more]

Experts from the Institute of Myology take the floor

Between 28 September and 2 October, the 25th International Annual Congress of the World Muscle Society, which brings together muscle experts from all over the world, will highlight the work of many researchers from the Institute of Myology, the centre of expertise on muscle and its diseases that was created by AFM-Telethon. From fundamental research … [Read more]

Relationship between clinical status and physical activity in patients suffering from inflammatory myopathies – Interview with O. Landon-Cardinal and D. Bachasson

Océane Landon-Cardinal, MD*, and Damien Bachasson, PhD** are co-first authors of an article published in Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism. The article relates to the relationship between clinical status (symptom severity) and physical activity in patients with inflammatory myopathies (or idiopathic myositis). What are the origins/overall context of this project?
 Myositis is a heterogeneous group … [Read more]

DMD: encouraging results for the PF-06939926 gene therapy product

A phase Ib trial of PF-06939926 in Duchenne muscular dystrophy among 9 patients shows that this gene therapy product allows dystrophin to be produced in the muscle and improves motor function, 12 months after the treatment has been injected. PF-06939926, developed by Pfizer, is a gene therapy drug candidate being evaluated for Duchenne muscular dystrophy … [Read more]

In dystrophic mdx mouse, desmin prevents muscle wasting, exaggerated weakness and fragility and fatigue

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a serious neuromuscular disease caused by a dystrophin deficiency. Desmin, like dystrophin, is associated with costameric structures connecting the sarcomeres to the extracellular matrix which contributes to muscle function. In this study, French experts including researchers from the Institute of Myology tried to provide additional information on the roles of … [Read more]

What is the purpose of the exon 31 in the modelling of clathrin structures in muscle cells? – Interview with S. Vassilopoulos

Interview with Stéphane Vassilopoulos, researcher at the Muscle Organization & Therapy of Dominant Centronuclear Myopathy laboratory in Team 2 at the Institute of Myology Research Centre, headed by Marc Bitoun. He and his group are interested in the muscle cell membrane proteins, and more particularly in clathrin and its involvement in myopathies and just published … [Read more]

87 026 262 euros were raised for the 2019 Telethon!

Last December 6th and 7th, people all across France rallied in favour of the 2019 Telethon, with donations totalling 74.5 million euros by the end of the television broadcast. Today, a few months later, we are very proud to announce the final result of our 2019 fundraising campaign: 87 026 262 euros. Thank you from … [Read more]

The neurospecific expression of SMN is necessary but not sufficient for the survival of SMA mice – Interview with M.G. Biferi & A. Besse

Interview with Maria-Grazia Biferi, Head of the BOND team (Motor-neurone disease [ALS & SMA] biotherapies team) and Aurore Besse, Preclinical Project Manager at the Institute of Myology. What are the origins of the project? This project started as a doctoral thesis by Aurore Besse and, with great teamwork, resulted in publication last May in Molecular … [Read more]