First « Muscle Conferences » on 1 June at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council

The Institute of Myology and AFM-Telethon organised a press conference on 7 February to promote muscle as a public health issue by announcing the project to create a Foundation of Myology and two dedicated events to raise awareness of this issue: Muscle Week and the “First « Muscle Conferences » on 1 June at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council” in June 2023.

Organised by the Institute of Myology, with the support of the AFM-Telethon, the first “First « Muscle Conferences » on 1 June at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council” will take place on 1 June 2023 at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council in Paris.

The aim of the Conferences is to highlight the essential role of muscle in life and to raise awareness of the public health issue that muscle represents among politicians, institutions, health, prevention and education stakeholders, as well as the world of work and sport.

International scientific and medical experts, decision-makers, health care providers, representatives of associations and civil society will discuss 4 main topics during this day:

  • muscle as a public health issue,
  • muscle in everyday life and throughout life,
  • trained muscle and muscle in extreme conditions,
  • the diseased muscle.

A strategic organising committee, bringing together scientists and experts, is steering the construction of the programme:

  • Anne-Marie Armanteras, President of the Board of Directors of Anap, former health advisor to the President of the Republic
  • Pr Xavier Bigard, Medical Director of the International Cycling Union, member of the French National Academy of Medicine
  • Prof. Fabrice Chrétien, Head of the neuropathology department of the Université Paris Cité-Hôpital Sainte Anne, Director of the Neuromuscular Investigation Center (NIC) at the Institute of Myology
  • Prof. Jean-Louis Mandel, Honorary Professor at the Collège de France, Emeritus Professor at the University of Strasbourg
  • Prof. Philippe Menasché, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Université Paris Cité and Inserm U970, Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou, Paris
  • Prof. Marie Sarazin, Director of the Memory and Language Neurology Department – Sainte Anne Hospital, Université Paris Cité
  • Pr Serge Uzan, Health Advisor to the President of Sorbonne University, Representative of the Medical Association on the National Certification Council, former Vice-President of the National Medical Association