Experts from the Institute at WMS 2022

The 27th World Muscle Society International Congress (WMS) will be held from October 11 to 15, 2022 in Halifax, Canada, as well as in a virtual version on the congress platform. International muscle experts will gather to discuss basic research, clinical trials and therapeutic advances in neuromuscular diseases. Researchers and clinicians from the Institute will be present, both as moderators during sessions and as participants in work that will be highlighted during oral communications and posters:


Wednesday 12th October 2022

  • 11:00-13:00 – New Developments in Congenital Myopathies 2 Session
    Moderators: Kristl Claeys and Andreea Seferian

Oral presentation O.06 : Long term outcomes for X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy (XLMTM) with gene replacement therapy, resamirigene bilparvovec: preliminary results from ASPIRO. P. Shieh; N. Kuntz; J. Dowling; W. Müller-Felber; A. Blaschek; C. Bönnemann; R. Foley; D. Saade; A. Seferian; L. Servais; A. Bowden; M. Sarazen; J. Coats; N. Lakshman; C. Han; S. Prasad; S. Rico; W. Miller


  • 14:30-16:00 – Imaging and new tools and approaches for NMDs Session
    Moderator: Jordi Díaz-Manera

Selected Flash poster presentation: From the Muscle Atlas to an AI-based diagnostic tool. C. Meyer; E. Lacene; M. Beuvin; T. Evangelista; J. Laporte; A. Jeannin-Girardon; P. Collet; O. Poch; N. Romero; K. Chennen; B. Cadot


Poster 31 : A multiparametric quantitative NMR study at rest and during exercise in subjects between 22 and 65 years of age: Preliminary results. A. Lopez Kolkovsky; B. Matot; P. Baudin; H. Reyngoudt; B. Marty; Y. Fromes


Poster 32 : Impact of age on muscle volume and T2-relaxation time during adulthood in mice using quantitative MRI. B. Matot; E. Caldas de Almeida Araujo; P. Baudin; H. Reyngoudt; B. Marty; Y. Fromes


  • 16:00-17:30 DMD – Biomarkers/Outcome Measures Session
    Moderator: Linda Lowes

Selected Flash poster presentation: Application for primary endpoint qualification of the 95th centile of stride velocity (SV95C) in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. M. Annoussamy; D. Eggenspieler; A. Seferian; E. Mercuri; V. Straub; F. Muntoni; M. Scoto; M. Poleur; A. Daron; N. Butoianu; A. Mirea; N. Goemans; S. Previtali; M. Tulinius; A. Nascimento; P. Heydemann; M. Panzara; T. Singh; P. Strijbos; L. Servais


Poster 57 Longitudinal changes in fat fraction histograms using quantitative MRI in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. H. Reyngoudt; P. Baudin; E. Caldas de Almeida Araujo; B. Wong; P. Carlier; B. Marty


Poster 62 Increased skeletal muscle extracellular volume fraction in patients with Becker muscular dystrophy assessed by quantitative magnetic resonance imaging. B. Marty; P. Baudin; Y. Fromes; K. Wahbi; H. Reyngoudt


Virtual Poster 24 T Cell-mediated immune response to dystrophin in Duchenne muscular dystrophy – A natural history study. K. Anthony; P. Ala; F. Catapano; J. Meng; J. Domingos; M. Perry; V. Ricotti; K. Maresh; L. Phillips; V. Straub; M. Guglieri; L. Servais; A. Seferian; S. De Lucia; I. de Groot; Y. Krom; J. Verschuuren; E. Niks; T. Voit; J. Morgan; F. Muntoni


Virtual Poster 26 Potential of the MyoSuit, a lightweight wearable lower-limb cable-actuated exoskeleton in patients with neuromuscular disorders: preliminary findings. R. Feigean; C. Afroun; E. Gasnier; O. Benveniste; J. Hogrel; G. Bassez; D. Bachasson


Virtual Poster 27 Potential of the Keeogo+, a lightweight wearable powered assistive exoskeleton in patients with neuromuscular disorders: preliminary findings. R. Feigean; C. Afroun; E. Gasnier; O. Benveniste; G. Bassez; J. Hogrel; D. Bachasson


  • 16:00-17:30 Metabolic Myopathies Session

Virtual Poster 34 Two-year follow-up of muscle strength and function in patients with glycogen storage disease type IIIa. V. Decostre; M. Masingue; P. Laforêt; R. Ben Yaou; P. Labrune; J. Hogrel


  • 16:00-17:30 Immune mediated – and NMJ-related NMDs Session

Poster 93 Effect of rapamycine on quantitative MRI outcome measures in inclusion body myositis. H. Reyngoudt; D. Bachasson; J. Hogrel; P. Baudin; Y. Allenbach; P. Carlier; O. Benveniste; B. Marty


Virtual Poster 40 Exploring barriers and facilitators to physical exercise in autoimmune myasthenia gravis: the MYaEX study. S. Birnbaum; A. Archer; C. Stalens; J. Lejeune; J. Hogrel


  • 16:00-17:30 SMA – Therapy Session

Poster 109 FIREFISH Parts 1 and 2: 36-month safety and efficacy of risdiplam in Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). L. Servais; G. Baranello; O. Boespflug-Tanguy; J. Day; N. Deconinck; A. Klein; R. Masson; M. Mazurkiewicz-Bełdzińska; E. Mercuri; K. Rose; D. Vlodavets; H. Xiong; E. Zanoteli; M. El-Khairi; M. Gerber; K. Gorni; H. Kletzl; L. Palfreeman; A. Dodman; E. Gaki; B. Darras


Thursday 13th October 2022

  • 14:30-16:00 Other myopathies & muscular dystrophies Session

Poster 145 Identification of potential genetic modifiers underlying phenotypic variability in a French family with striated muscle laminopathies. L. Benarroch; A. Bertrand; M. Beuvin; I. Nelson; N. Naouar; F. Simonet; C. Dina; C. Pionneau; J. Schott; R. Ben Yaou; G. Bonne


Poster 157 Dominant HSPB6 mutation in a myopathy patient. J. Sarparanta; P. Jonson; A. Vihola; H. Luque; A. Vainio; R. Villar-Quiles; T. Stojkovic; N. Romero; B. Eymard; B. Udd


Virtual Poster 70 OPALE: a patient registry for laminopathies and emerinopathies in France. R. Ben Yaou; F. Anselme; A. De Sande-Giovannoli; E. Campanna- Salort; P. Charron; C. Chikhaoui; I. Jeru; F. Labombarda; F. Leturcq; S. Quijano-Roy; C. Stalens; P. Richard; C. Vigouroux; G. Bonne; K. Wahbi


  • 14:50-16:00 LGMD Session
    Moderator: Nicholas Johnson

Selected Flash poster presentation: Clinical outcome study of dysferlinopathy: correlation between MRI fat fraction in lower limbs and clinical outcome assessments over a 3 year period. F. Smith; H. Reyngoudt; J. Díaz Manera; M. James; I. Wilson; E. Caldas de Almeida Araujo; C. Bolano Diaz; H. Gordish Dressman; L. Rufibach; A. Mayhew; K. Jones; E. Salort Campana; M. Walter; T. Stojkovic; M. Yoshimura; E. Pegoraro; J. Mendell; V. Straub; A. Blamire; P. Carlier


Selected Flash poster presentation: Myostatin concentration is unreliable as a biomarker of disease progression in dysferlinopathy. U. Moore; E. Fernandez Simon; J. Day; K. Jones; D. Bharucha-Goebel; A. Pestonk; M. Walter; C. Paradas; T. Stojkovic; E. Bravver; E. Pegoraro; J. Mendell; M. Guglieri; V. Straub; J. Díaz Manera


Poster 163 Quantitative MRI in upper limb muscle of patients with dysferlinopathy: preliminary baseline results of the natural history study Jain COS2. H. Reyngoudt; F. Smith; I. Wilson; E. Caldas de Almeida Araujo; B. Marty; P. Baudin; J. Díaz-Manera; L. Rufibach; H. Gordish Dressman; H. Hilsden; H. Sutherland; G. Querin; T. Stojkovic; V. Straub; P. Carlier; A. Blamire


Poster 164 Clinical outcome study of dysferlinopathy 2: characterising involvement of the intrinsic muscles of the hand in LGMDR2. M. James; A. Mayhew; H. Gordish-Dressman; L. Rufibach; K. Wong; W. Roper; S. Holsten; L. Lowes; T. Duong; C. Yochai; A. Zabala Pardo; Y. Ogasawara,; K. Rudolph; S. Alarcon; J. Weber; E. Montiel Morillo; I. Pedrosa- Hernandez; S. Birnbaum; J. Rojas Rojas; J. Day; V. Straub


Poster 165 Clinical outcome study of dysferlinopathy: lower limb water T2 predicts functional decline in patients with dysferlinopathy. U. Moore; E. Caldas de Almeida Araujo; H. Reyngoudt; H. Gordish-Dressman; F. Smith; J. Wilson; M. James; A. Mayhew; L. Rufibach; T. Stojkovic; A. Blamire; V. Straub; P. Carlier; J. Díaz Manera


Poster 173 Preliminary natural history quantitative MRI data in lower limb muscle and heart of patients with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type R9. H. Reyngoudt; Y. Fromes; M. Granier; P. Baudin; G. Querin; V. Straub; T. Stojkovic; S. Olivier; J. Vissing; B. Marty


Poster178 Clinical classification of variants in the valosin containing protein gene associated with multisystem proteinopathy. J. Díaz Manera; M. Schiava; C. Ikenaga; T. Stojkovic; I. Nishino; S. Nair; G. Manousakis; C. Quinn; Z. Sahenk; M. Monforte; A. Oldfords; E. Pal; B. Velez Gomez; J. de Bleecker; M. Farrugia; M. Harms; S. Ralston; J. Sotoca Fernandez; J. Bevilacqua; C. Weihl & the VCP M Study Group


  • 17:00-18:00 Neuropathies and Non-5q Motor Neuron Diseases Session

Poster 217 Cervical spinal cord MRI parameters as predictors of early degeneration in asymptomatic C9Orf72 carriers: a longitudinal study. G. Querin; D. Saracino; D. Rinaldi; F. Salachas; V. Marchand-Pauvert; J. Cohen Adad; I. Le Ber; P. Pradat


Friday 14th octobre 2022

17:10-17:20 Myotonic Dystrophy
Moderator: Benedikt Schoser

Selected Flash poster presentation: Exploring the role of MuscleBlind-Like proteins in the regulation of CaVB1 isoform expression in adult skeletal muscle. A. Vergnol; A. Sureau; M. Traore; G. Gourdon; D. Furling; F. Pietri-Rouxel; S. Falcone


Saturday 15th October 2022

  • 8:30-9:00 Keynote Lecture
    Moderators: Volker Straub and Teresinha Evangelista
  • 13:00-13:10 Late Breaking News Session
    Moderators: Ichizo Nishino and Lindsay Alfano

Selected Oral Presentation 7 Repeat expansions in the 5’UTR of ABCD3 cause oculo-pharyngo-distal myopathy with possible sex-biased penetrance. Cortese A, Beecroft S, Cabrera-Serrano M, Curro R, Facchini S, Stevanovski I, Chintalaphani S, Delatycki M, Storey E, Stojkovic T, Houlden H, Kennerson M, McLean C, Deveson I, Laing N, Lamont P, Lockhart P, Fahey M, Bugiardini E, Ravenscroft G


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