The REDs team gathered for the IDMC-13 conference

The 13th International Myotonic Dystrophy Consortium Congress (IDMC-13) took place from 22 to 25 June 2022. It should have been held both on-site in Osaka, Japan, and online, but the health situation led the organisers to opt for a digital-only version. The members of the Repeat Expansions & Myotonic Dystrophy (REDs) team therefore followed and participated in the two days of sessions via videoconference from the institute’s amphitheatre, and even part of the night due to the time difference.


Oral communications

Thusday 23rd June

Laure de Pontual : Identification of CTG repeat contraction factors in myotonic dystrophy type 1 (Repeat-Associated Pathomechanisms session)

Charles Frison-Roche : MBNL loss of function in the motor unit alters neuromuscular communication (Tissue specific mechanisms session)

Friday 24th June

Denis Furling : Decoy gene therapy to reverse RNA toxicity in DM1 (Therapeutic Strategies and Targets session)



Stéphanie Tomé : Identification of a CCG-enriched expanded allele in DM1 patients using Amplification-free long-read sequencing (session 1. Repeat-Associated Pathomechanisms / 1-1 Repeat instability)

Mario Gomes-Pereira : Myotonic dystrophy RNA toxicity alters morphology, adhesion and migration of mouse and human astrocytes (session 1. Repeat-Associated Pathomechanisms / 1-4 Tissue specific mechanisms)

Guillaume Bassez : Myotonic dystrophy type 1 multi-organ involvement: combined or independent phenotypic features? (session 2. Clinical Aspects / 2-1 Specific disease features)

Melinda Gyenge : Are research publications aligned with myotonic dystrophy type 1 individuals’ expectations? (session 2. Clinical Aspects / 2-1 Specific disease features)

Melinda  Gyenge : The DM-Scope registry: an innovative framework to promote myotonic dystrophy translational research (session 2. Clinical Aspects / 2-2 Biomarkers, outcome measures, trial design, etc)


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