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Newsletter #96 – July 2023

A look back at the Conference and Muscle Week

The first Muscle Conference, organised by the Institute of Myology and AFM-Téléthon, took place on Thursday 1 June. On the programme: four thematic round tables attended by experts from a wide range of backgrounds who, each in their own field, reiterated the importance of considering muscle and its many benefits for the body. They all spoke of the need to improve information for the general public, education and training for healthcare professionals in the cross-disciplinary field of myology, and public health and prevention policies to improve muscular health and therefore general health at all stages of life.

> Replays of the discussions (in French) 

This Muscle Conference inaugurated the first Muscle Week, held throughout France from 1 to 7 June 2023, the aim of which was both to raise awareness among the general public of the importance of muscle for health and to shed light on myology, a discipline that is still too far under-recognised even though it is essential.

On 3 June, the Institute of Myology opened its doors and welcomed the public for conferences, exhibitions, workshops, strength tests, games, quizzes and lab visits.

Muscle Week came to a close with an exceptional live broadcast on 7 June from the Institute of Myology’s Neuromuscular Physiology and Evaluation Laboratory, featuring Mélinée Frenkian, Director of Strategic Projects at the Institute of Myology, Anne-Claire de Baecque, Head of Sport and Myology Resource Development and Valérie Decostre, PhD, Physiotherapist, Research Officer, as well as a special guest: Grégory Coupet, former goalkeeper for the French Football Team and sports ambassador for the Myology Institute Association.

> Watch the special Muscle Week Live broadcast (in French)

> Discover the educational website dedicated to muscle (in French)

Until our next issue in September, we wish you all a great summer!

At the Institute
Fabrice Chrétien appointed Director of Scientific Strategy at the Institute of Myology Fabrice Chretien, currently Director of NIC, has just been appointed Director of Scientific Strategy at the Institute of Myology. His mandate will be to define the scientific vision of the Institute, and subsequently of the Foundation, in conjunction with the Board of Directors. He will be assisted in his mission by Olivier Stephan, Head of Scientific Operations. Read more

Bruno Cadot wins the Tremplin ASEAN prize awarded by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the French Academy of Sciences This prize rewards existing cooperation between two teams, one French and the other from the ASEAN zone bringing together 7 Asian countries. Its aim is to encourage cross-border mobility of young researchers. Read more

The Institute's Myology Summer School celebrates its 25th anniversary Since its inception, the Summer School of Myology has trained over 1,000 doctors of 70 different nationalities on 5 continents. Coming from Argentina, Brazil, Nepal, Peru, Latvia, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Benin, Iran, India, Italy, Spain, England, etc., the doctors and researchers now form a truly international network of myology experts. Read more

Review of the 2023 session of the Summer School of Myology Andoni Urtizberea reviews the 2023 session of the Summer School of Myology, which was held from 12-16 June 2023 in a hybrid version. Read more

Researchers from the Institute’s NMR laboratory at the ISMRM 2023 conference Members of the NMR Imaging and Spectroscopy Laboratory presented the team's work at the annual ISMRM (International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine) conference, held in Toronto from June 3 to 8, 2023. Read more

Our latest news
DM1: a promising new approach to gene therapy This strategy consists of turning off expression of the mutated DMPK gene that causes DM1 using a technique called CRISPRi (or CRISPR interference). This tool is derived from the CRISPR/Cas9 system, the inventors of which were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2020. Read more

Effects of valproic acid on skeletal muscle in two mouse models of DMD Valproic acid (VPA) is thought to improve serological and histological markers of damage in dystrophin-deficient murine muscles. Researchers tested the ability of VPA to reduce susceptibility to contraction-induced functional loss in two mouse models of DMD. Read more

Caveolinopathy: clinical, histological and muscle imaging characteristics and follow-up of a multicentre retrospective cohort Caveolinopathies are a small group of neuromuscular diseases associated with dysfunction of a family of proteins located in muscle membrane crevices. Data from 23 patients with symptomatic CAV3 mutations from 16 different families were analysed. Read more

Analysis of the largest cohort of patients with anoctaminopathy An international multicentre study reports the results of the analysis of the characteristics of 234 patients with anoctaminopathy. Read more

International guidelines for VCP myopathies An international consortium of experts, two of whom belong to the Institut de Myologie in Paris, has drawn up recommendations for this myopathy, which remains rare. Read more

Description of the first Franco-Swiss cohort in SORD-related peripheral neuropathy Defects in the SORD gene lead to hereditary distal motor neuropathy (dHMN type) or distal sensory-motor neuropathy (Charco-Marie-Tooth type). Experts from the FILNEMUS network, in association with their Swiss colleagues, published a cohort of 30 patients in March 2023. Read more

More breaking news
Base editing, under investigation in SMA This base-specific approach may allow modification of the SMN2 gene in all SMA patients, independent of the mutations that lead to loss of SMN1. Read more

The largest cohort of fetal acetylcholine receptor antibody-associated disorders A large international collaboration has reported 46 cases associated with maternal anti-fetal acetylcholine receptor antibodies (fRACh), the largest cohort ever described to date. Read more

Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Myasthenia gravis
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Spinal muscular atrophy
Pompe disease
Neuromuscular diseases
Other neuromuscular diseases
In brief
AGENDA 10-14 July 2023 - 5th Neuromuscular Translational Summer School - Leiden, The Netherlands - Read more

14 September 2023 - EURO-NMD webinar - Prof. Dr. Anders Oldfors - Mitochondrial Myopathies - Read more

18-21 September 2023 - Neuropathies Rehabilitation Summer School - Roma, Italia - Read more

3-7 October 2023 - WMS 28 - Charleston, USA - Read more

14 November 23 - British Myology Society Muscle MRI workshop - Online - Read more

DOCUMENTATION Advances in research in myasthenia gravis brochure update - Read more

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