The benefits of physical preparation before thymectomy in MG

Chinese researchers have conducted a clinical trial designed to assess the benefits of physical preparation combining respiratory muscle re-training and aerobic exercise in patients suffering from autoimmune myasthenia who were due to undergo thymectomy.

  • Eighty patients were divided into two groups, one receiving this preparation and the other receiving respiratory physiotherapy only,
  • The two groups were comparable in terms of demographic characteristics and disease severity,
  • Respiratory function parameters were significantly improved in the treated group, but there was no change in the six-minute walk test,
  • Treated patients recovered more quickly in everyday activities and spent less time in hospital.


Preoperative respiratory muscle training combined with aerobic exercise improves respiratory vital capacity and daily life activity following surgical treatment for myasthenia gravis. Chen S, Li X, Wu Y et al. J Cardiothorac Surg. 2023 Avril.