2021: life, let’s put some muscle into it, together

Dear patients and families,
Dear donors,
Dear partners,


We wish you a very happy New Year and excellent health.

We hope this New Year brings you the energy for renewal needed to accomplish the projects close to your heart, and we hope these projects are numerous and inspiring!


We warmly thank all the generous donors who supported us in 2020 despite a situation that was difficult for every one of us. This support is key to our research and care work, and allows us to progress ever further our projects and our scientific and medical advances for the benefit of rare diseases.


It is crucial that we pursue relentlessly our research work in the area of the muscle, a life-giving organ and a public health challenge, and its diseases. Our researchers and our doctors are mobilised, more than ever, at the Institute of Myology, to continue to progress key projects and to realise new clinical trials.


All together, we are committed to advancing our knowledge of the muscle and to fighting ever further and ever harder to cure neuromuscular diseases. We are creating a dynamic of new research projects towards a single ambition: our future Muscle Foundation, focused on the interests of the patient, Myology and its advances.


The year 2020 marked a turning point with the appearance of the first innovative gene therapy treatments for certain rare diseases, developed by Généthon, another AFM-Téléthon laboratory. A medical revolution is well and truly underway, and this is only the start, since a victory over one disease will benefit dozens of others.


We remain by your side, advancing research and developing care and treatments for neuromuscular diseases. However, we also need you to support us in our daily work and our fight to achieve multiple victories against neuromuscular diseases.


Your donations also give us strength in uniting fundamental and clinical research, care, clinical assessment and teaching, thus creating via our future Myology Foundation a veritable innovation accelerator to defeat neuromuscular disease and to improve the health of the greatest number of people possible.

To support us and make a donation, please click here > https://don.institut-myologie.org/


Thanks to everyone!

Pr Bertrand Fontaine, Medical and Scientific Director of the Institute of Myology
Dr Vincent Varlet, Secretary General of the Institute of Myology