CMT2: development of a new protocol to generate motor neuron cultures from IPS cells

French researchers from the National Reference Centre for Rare Peripheral Neuropathies in Limoges have developed a new approach to create motor neuron cell cultures from iPS cells generated from a skin sample in two patients with CMT linked to GDAP1 and 5 healthy subjects.

Morphological, immunocytological and electrophysiological analyzes show that these cultured motor neurons constitute a good tool for studying pathological cellular mechanisms and testing new therapeutic approaches, which could be reproduced in other forms of CMT.


Optimized Protocol to Generate Spinal Motor Neuron Cells from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Charcot Marie Tooth Patients. Faye PA, Vedrenne N, Miressi F, Rassat M, Romanenko S, Richard L, Bourthoumieu S, Funalot B, Sturtz F, Favreau F, Lia AS. Brain Sci. 2020 Jun 27;