The Institute of Myology hires one Engineer (M/F) and one Research Engineer (M/F)

The Institute of Myology hires one Engineer (M/F) and one Research Engineer (M/F) for the preclinical development of gene therapy for ALS

Located in Paris at the heart of the largest European hospital, Pitié-Salpêtrière, the Institute of Myology was created in 1996 by AFM-Telethon, a patient’s organization. Its goal: Promote Myology and have it accepted as a standalone clinical and scientific discipline. The Institute of Myology coordinates, around the patient, medical care, basic research, applied research, clinical research and teaching.

The research group of Dr. M.G. Biferi and Dr. M. Barkats at the Myology Research Center recently developed a gene therapy approach for a form of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Specifically, the researchers demonstrated the effect of an AAV10 vector and an exon skipping strategy to reduce the production of toxic SOD1 in a murine model of the disease (Biferi et al., Mol Ther, 2017).

This therapeutic product is currently being developed in collaboration with Genethon, and we wish to recruit two profiles to develop the preclinical evaluation of the therapeutic vector in SLA-SOD1 mice. Specifically, the preclinical protocol will establish the route of injection and the dose of the vector that could be used in a clinical trial. In addition, the possible off-target molecules inducing exon skipping will be studied in vitro.

We are looking for:
– an engineer (ingénieur d’etude) as co-responsible of the in vivo testing protocol;
– a research engineer (ingénieur de recherche) for the development protocols for the analysis of the therapeutic effects in vivo, for data analysis and coordination of the ongoing pre-clinical study.


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