Summer School of Myology

SSM_2004Every year around mid-June, the Institute of Myology offers the possibility to get trained in Myology thanks to a condensed 10-day course organized in Paris. The course is open to foreign students whichever country they come from with special attention, though, to those posted in the French Overseas Territories (DOM-TOM) and those working in developing countries.

The content of the Summer School is similar to that of the University Diploma delivered jointly by Paris-6 and Aix-Marseilles Universities all year long. Only a certificate of attendance will be given upon completion of the Summer School.

Most aspects of Myology are addressed during the course : from basic science to cutting-edge therapies, clinical and genetic approaches of muscle diseases are taught. This is achieved by a series of lectures and interactive workshops in English.
Since 1998, 30 students on average have attended the course yearly and enjoyed being taught by recognized teachers and faculties coming either form the Institute of Myology or from abroad.


SSM 2019

The 22nd Summer School of Myology will be held at the Institut de Myologie from Monday June 19th to Saturday June 22nd, 2019.

For further details and application, please contact Dr J.A. Utizberea :