The first year

The ED is responsible for recruiting PhD candidates. Registration is a two-part process: course registration first, administrative registration second.

Course registration 

Eligible candidates must hold a master’s degree, or another degree conferring the rank of master’s, following a programme establishing their aptitude for research. First, they must identify the thesis project they would like to develop by contacting an ED host team. Then, they must obtain the thesis director’s consent before filing an application form and sending it by e-mail to Samira Erraji.

Registration authorisation is contingent upon the quality of the candidate’s CV; research project’s feasibility and training qualities; level and quality of supervision; and obtaining of sufficient financial aid for three years. If the ED validates the dossier the student can proceed with administrative registration.

Registration in the second and third years

PhD candidates in the second and third years must register by 15 October.

Exceptions for registering for a fourth year

The thesis must be completed within three years, but a one-year extension may be granted after a review of the dossier and an interview.

The candidate must file the extension request at the ED secretariat after the third-year thesis committee meeting takes place but no later than 30 April.

The dossier must include – a progress report on the work approved by the thesis director; – a request from the candidate stating the reasons why he or she is seeking the extension; – and the thesis director’s opinion, including the projected thesis defence date as well as the financial aid obtained or planned for the fourth year. If the financial aid requests are pending, we ask the thesis director, in the event that they are rejected, to finance the candidate out of the laboratory’s funds until the thesis defence.
After the dossier is reviewed and the candidate interviewed the ED director issues an opinion by 31 May at the latest. If the opinion is favourable, in September the candidate may start the registration procedure as soon as he/she has a proof of financial aid. 
Registration requires the ED director to sign the extension request. The final permission for registration is the decision of the UPMC’s President.

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