Doctoral School “Life Science Complexity”

The “Life Science Complexity” (ED 515) PhD school (ED), co-accredited by Sorbonne University and the Ecole Normale Supérieure Ulm, was created on 1 January 2009 following the reorganisation of the training courses offered by Paris-Diderot University and Sorbonne University. It is based on approximately 160 host teams grouping together over 300 senior researchers (HDR). The teams are located at several sites. The main ones are the Jussieu campus, the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève site (the ENS, Curie Institute and IBPC), the Pasteur Institute, Pitié-Salpétrière, the “Fer à Moulin” Institute and the Sorbonne University marine biology stations.

The ED’s broad thematic outline covers the genomic, cellular biology, developmental biology and microbiology. Its teams use a very wide variety of model systems and a large share of the projects fit in with an “integrative” approach combining many different levels of analysis. Thus, the ED fosters cross-disciplinary relations and the possibility of interface between various research clusters in the Paris region.

Institute of Myology teams involved in ED515

Team leader: BONNE Gisèle

Bonne Giséle
Allamand Valérie
Coirault Catherine
Demoule Alexandre
Duboc Denis
Muchir Antoine

Team leader: BITOUN Marc

Bitoun Marc
Vassilopoulos Stéphane

Team leader: MOULY Vincent

Mouly Vincent
Butler Browne Gillian
Dumonceaux Julie
Ferry Arnaud

Team leader: FURLING Denis

Furling Denis
Klein Arnaud
Marie Joelle
Servais Laurent
Trollet Capucine
Vilquin Jean Thomas

Team leader: PIETRI-ROUXEL France

Benkhelifa-Ziyyat Sofia
Lorain Stéphanie
Pietri-Rouxel France

Team leader: BARKATS Martine

Barkats Martine
Clement Yann

Team leader: BENVENISTE Olivier

Benveniste Olivier
Mingozzi Federico