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Release of the latest newsletter from the Institute

Welcome to our summer issue of the Newsletter! In this edition, two interviews highlight promising results from research teams at the Institute of Myology on both basic and clinical research aspects: the mechanisms of cell migration and improved evaluation of physical activity of patients. Stéphane Vassilopoulos describes the identification of new cell structures used by … [Read more]

Evaluation of physical activity by accelerometry: a promising measure in patients with neuromuscular pathology

Clinicians and researchers at the Institute of Myology have just published an article in the journal Neurology* concerning the use of accelerometers to assess the impact of a treatment by measuring the daily physical activity of patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIM). Jean-Yves Hogrel, Director of the Laboratory of Physiology and Neuromuscular Evaluation, discusses the … [Read more]

September 2017: Myology to be taught in the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree in Sciences for Health

A Myology teaching unit, coordinated by Professor C. Chanoine, will be launched in September at the Université Paris Descartes (Paris V) in the 3rd year the Bachelor’s degree in Sciences for Health. It will bring together experts in skeletal muscle from the Institute of Myology and the Faculty of Basic and Biomedical Sciences (F. Charbonnier, … [Read more]

A novel mechanism of cell migration linked to clathrin/AP-2 tubes

Stéphane Vassilopoulos (INSERM Researcher at the Myology Research Center at the Institute of Myology) participated in the discovery of a novel mechanism of cell migration. In collaboration with researchers from the Gustave Roussy Institute and the Institut Curie, he has demonstrated a new mode of adhesion and movement of the cell in a three-dimensional collagen … [Read more]

The Summer School of Myology: 20 years later!

Created 20 years ago to train physicians worldwide about the latest scientific and medical advances in neuromuscular diseases, the 20th edition of the Summer School of Myology has just terminated. In 1998, the Institute of Myology was inspired by the concept of summer schools, very popular in the Anglo-Saxon academic world, and founded the Summer … [Read more]

Institute seminar – 12 june – Bertrand Fontaine et Laure Strochlic (France)

Neuromuscular connectivity in health and diseases Monday 12 June 2017 – 10:00-11:00 Bertrand Fontaine et Laure Strochlic (Team GENE‐PHYS ‐ Neurogenetics and physiology, ICM, Paris) Host : Gillian Butler-Browne Amphithéâtre E Faculté de Médecine 105, Bd de l’Hôpital 75013 Paris metro St. Marcel

Release of the latest newsletter from the Institute

Welcome to the 62nd edition of our newsletter!   This issue brings you, amongst others, news about Myobank, the Biological Resource Center of the Institute of Myology, which evolves in response to the demands of a team from the Myology Research Center.   On 23-24 June, the AFM-Telethon’s Days for Families will take place at … [Read more]

The AFM-Telethon Days for Families at the Parc Floral, Paris, 23-24 June

On 23-24 June, the annual large gathering of the association, its supporters and staff will take place at the Parc Floral, Paris. This privileged moment allows everyone to meet in a festive setting. Members of the Scientific Council, and staff of research institutes: physicians, researchers, coordinators, students, among others, join the families during this great … [Read more]

Myobank-AFM broadens its scope

Myobank-AFM, the biological resource center of the Institute of Myology, has evolved to meet the demands of a team from the Institute’s Myology Research Center. Until now, biological material has been collected in France, stored and exported at the request of French and international research teams working on neuromuscular diseases. To respond to a specific … [Read more]

Institute seminar – 29 May – Rémi Mounier (France)

Cell- and non-cell-autonomous metabolic regulations of muscle stem cell fateband skeletal muscle homeostasis Monday 29 May 2017 – 12:00-13:00 Rémi Mounier (Institut NeuroMyogène, CNRS UMR 5310 – INSERM U1217 – Université de Lyon, France) Host : Fabien Le Grand Institute of Myology auditorium Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière Building Babinski Entrance 82 bd Vincent Auriol metro … [Read more]