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Medical research assistant position available at the Institute of Myology

Within the EU-H2020 Solve-RD project “Solving the unsolved Rare Diseases” a medical research assistant position is available in the team of Gisèle Bonne. The main ambitions of the Solve-RD proposal are (i) to solve large numbers of Rare Disease cases, for which a molecular cause is not known yet, by combined Omics approaches, (ii) to … [Read more]

Martine Barkats and AAV9-SMN: from discovery to treatment

In March 2018, Genethon and AveXis concluded an agreement on the patent exploitation filed in 2007 by Martine Barkats concerning her work at Genethon since 2004 (1). Martine Barkats joined the Institute of Myology in 2010. Since then, she and her team have continued their research to develop innovative therapies for motor neuron diseases. From … [Read more]

Institute seminar – September 17th – Pr Marco Narici (Italy)

Impact of chronic inactivity on neuromuscular health Monday 17 September 2018 – 12:00-13:00 Prof. Marco Narici (Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche, Universita’ di Padova, Italia) Host : Gill Butler-Browne Institute of Myology auditorium Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière Building Babinski Entrance 82 bd Vincent Auriol metro Chevaleret

Postdoctoral position available at the Center of Research in Myology

A postdoctoral position is available at the Center of Research in Myology, in the team ‘Pathophysiology and therapy of the dynamin 2-related centronuclear myopathy’ headed by Marc Bitoun. Title of the project entitled “Therapy of centronuclear myopathies by modulation of Dynamin 2 expression”   Download the postdoctoral position announcement

The Institute of Myology is seeking a Project manager (M/F)

The Institute of Myology is seeking a Project manager to assist with editing and managing research projects. Attached to the Strategic Project Coordinator of the Institute of Myology, the main role of the project manager will be to assist research teams when replying to national, European or international calls for tender, both in terms of … [Read more]

Launch of a study on diaphragm functioning

In a few weeks, a post-mortem collection of diaphragm and abdominal muscle samples will begin at the GHU Pitié-Salpêtrière-Charles Foix as part of the DIAVITAL protocol. The team coordinating the collection of samples (B. Riou, V. Justice) will organise the muscle biopsies, which will immediately be managed by the Institute of Myology’s MYOBANK-AFM tissue bank … [Read more]

Etienne Klein at the Institute’s Ethics Meetings – 25th September

As part of the Institute of Myology’s Ethics Meetings, the Think Tank in Applied Ethics presents:   INNOVATION AND PROGRESS “Do our discussions about innovation do justice to the idea of progress?”     Speaker, Etienne Klein Research Director at the CEA and Doctor of Philosophy of Science     Discussant, Yves Agid Neurologist, University … [Read more]

Institute seminar – July 2nd – Paul T. Martin (USA)

GALGT2 gene therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – A translational research journey Monday 2 July 2018 – 12:00 Paul T. Martin, Ph.D. (Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Physiology and Cell Biology, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Principal Investigator, Center for Gene Therapy, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Associate Director, NIH Center … [Read more]

A big Family Fest: register quickly!

Are you affected by a neuromuscular disease? Join us on September 15th to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the AFM-Téléthon. A rich program is in store. If you are affected by a neuromuscular disease, come and celebrate the 60th  anniversary of the AFM-Téléthon at the big Family Fest and share a day rich in emotion … [Read more]

Institute seminar – June 18th – Giulio Cossu (UK)

Cell-mediated exon skipping for DMD: why it may work Monday 18 June 2018 – 12:00

 Giulio Cossu, MD, FMedSci (Constance Thornley Professor of Regenerative Medicine, Division of Cell Matrix Biology & Regenerative Medicine, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester., Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, UK) Host : Gill Butler-Browne   Amphi Charcot … [Read more]