The rs1800628 A allele of TNF-α, a risk factor for myasthenia and a lack of rapid response to corticosteroids

A Chinese team studied TNF-α polymorphisms in 409 adults with autoimmune myasthenia and 487 controls. They found that :

  • the rs1800628 A allele is significantly more frequent in people with myasthenia than in controls ;
  • its frequency was also higher in the subgroups of early onset, myasthenia without thymoma, ocular onset and moderate severity;
  • similarly, it was more frequently found in the subgroup of those who did not respond rapidly to initial corticosteroids than in those who did.


Rs1800629 polymorphism in TNF-alpha is associated with the susceptibility and initial short-term glucocorticoids efficacy in myasthenia gravis patients. Li HY, Xia M, Song M et al. J Neuroimmunol. 2023 Dec 20;387:578269.