Different phenotypes in dermatomyositis associated with anti-MDA5 antibodies

The predominance of extra-muscular manifestations (such as rash, arthralgia or severe respiratory impairment) as well as the low frequency of muscular signs in dermatomyositis with anti-MDA5 antibody (anti-MDA5 +) has led a consortium of French clinicians to question the term specific myositis antibody for the anti-MDA5 antibody, as well as the homogeneity of the disease.

In order to characterize the anti-MDA5 + phenotype, the authors performed an unsupervised analysis of anti-MDA5 + patients (n = 83/121) and compared the results to a group of control patients with myositis without anti-MDA5 antibodies (anti-MDA5 + MDA5-; n = 190/201) based on selected variables, collected retrospectively, without any missing data.

Clinicians have identified 3 subgroups among anti-MDA5 + patients:

  • the first group (18.1%) corresponded to patients with severe respiratory disease with rapid progression and a very high mortality rate
  • the second group (55.4%) corresponded to patients with pure dermato-rheumatological symptoms and a good prognosis
  • the third corresponded to patients, mostly male, with severe cutaneous vasculopathy, frequent signs of myositis, and an intermediate prognosis

The unsupervised analysis nevertheless confirmed that the anti-MDA5 antibody delimits an independent group of patients, distinct from the anti-MDA5 patients with myositis.

The authors conclude that anti-MDA5 + patients have a distinct systemic syndrome from other patients with myositis and that there are three different prognosis subgroups.


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