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Post-doctoral fellowship in muscle cell biology - Myology Centre For Research, Institute of Myology, Paris - France - 30/05/2022

We are looking for a highly motivated and creative muscle cell biologist to join our lab. The post- doctoral fellowship position is funded by an EQUIPE FRM grant and is open with a flexible starting date until September 2022.


Research topic

The project aims at studying cell communication during human skeletal muscle regeneration in aging and pathological conditions. Muscle releases ‘myokines’, especially during the early stages of differentiation, which corresponds to the early stage of muscle regeneration. Tissue repair involves many cell types: inflammatory, interstitial, or even fibrotic in pathological situation. The complex orchestration of muscle regeneration necessitates a well-defined set of secreted molecules allowing cell-cell communication and therefore co-regulation. Muscle regeneration is less efficient in the elderly after falls or surgery, while we have previously shown that muscle stem cells have a good potential for proliferation and differentiation. In addition, it has been shown that the muscle secretome can be disturbed in several pathological situations. This project investigates the secretome of adult muscle cells across control, aged and pathological subjects and the impact of these secreted molecules on muscle regeneration. Secretome of muscle cells have already been performed and the post-doctoral research fellow will perform functional follow-up experiments to assess the impact of selected myokines on muscle regeneration. Using innovative approaches with co-culture systems and a xenograft model, the project will deliver novel mechanistic insights into how the kinetics of muscle regeneration is deregulated by secreted molecules during aging and in pathologies, and how these can be proposed as therapeutic targets to promote muscle health.



Our lab is located at the Myology Research Center within the Institute of Myology in Paris. Our Lab’s main interests are at the crossroad between fundamental muscle cell biology, muscle aging and therapeutic strategies for muscle disease. The Center and the closely situated Sorbonne University and Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital offer a dynamic environment with state-of-the art facilities and platforms.


Expected profile

The candidate should have a PhD in Life Science and an interest in studying muscle regeneration. Preference will be given to those with a PhD degree and a first post-doctoral experience. Prior experience in muscle physiology, molecular biology, cell communication and cell signaling is preferred; experiences in primary cell culture, and omics analysis are preferred but not mandatory. Necessary skills include creativity, good oral and written communication skills in English. A good capacity to work in a collaborative environment is required.


Please submit curriculum vitae, statement of research interest and names/address of two references to Capucine Trollet


Download the full job description Post-doctoral research fellow in muscle cell biology

Post-doctoral position in Physiology and Cell Biology - Myology Centre for Research, Institute of Myology, Paris - France - 24/05/2022

A two-year fully funded post-doctoral fellowship position sponsored by ANR will be available at the Myology Research Center in the group of Stéphane Vassilopoulos to assess the structure/function relationship of clathrin structures in mechanotransduction and endocytosis. The main objective is to reveal the mechanisms by which muscle cells form clathrin plaques using alternative splicing isoforms of the endocytosis machinery and provide novel insight to myo- tonic dystrophy pathophysiology, a “spliceopathy” affecting in particular muscle and central nervous system functions.

The Myology Research Center is a multidisciplinary research center dedicated to research on muscle and its pathologies. Located in the heart of the Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière and the Faculté de Médecine Sorbonne Université in Paris, the Research Center benefits from a privileged scientific and medical environment. The position will be in the ‘Muscle cell organization and therapy of dominant centronuclear myopathy’ team lead by Marc Bitoun, whose main interests are at the crossroads between fundamental cell biology of membrane trafficking and therapeutic strategies for centronuclear myopathy



  • We are looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic and interactive candidate with a Ph.D degree, who is interested in applying his/her knowledge in molecular and cellular biology and mouse physiology.
  • Preference will be given to those with a recent PhD degree and a good publication record.
  • Prior experience in mouse experimentation is required; experiences in primary cell culture and mouse models are preferred but not mandatory.
  • Necessary skills include creativity, good oral and written communication abilities in English.
  • A good ability to work in a collaborative environment is required.


Please send a cover letter stating your previous research experience and motivation, CV and contact information for two references as a single file to:


Deadline to apply: 2022, September 1st.


Download the full position description Post-doctoral position in Physiology and Cell Biology

Clinical Research Associate - I-Motion - Institute of Myology, Paris - France - 22/02/2022 (in French)

Situé à Paris au cœur du plus grand centre hospitalier européen, l’hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, l’Institut de Myologie est né en 1996 sous l’impulsion d’une association de malades et parents de malades, l’AFM-Téléthon. Son objectif : favoriser l’existence, la reconnaissance et l’essor de la myologie en tant que discipline clinique et scientifique à part entière. L’Institut de Myologie coordonne, autour du malade, la prise en charge médicale, la recherche fondamentale, la recherche appliquée, la recherche clinique et l’enseignement. Demain, la création de la Fondation de Myologie permettra de pérenniser et élargir les actions de l’Institut de Myologie.

Contexte et Finalité 

Les études cliniques sont au cœur de l’activité de l’Institut de Myologie qui comprend deux plateformes d’essais cliniques pour les maladies neuromusculaires, I-Motion pédiatrique (située sur le site de l’hôpital Trousseau) et I-Motion adultes (située sur le site de l’hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière).

L’Association Institut de Myologie, recrute un(e) Attaché(e) de Recherche Clinique (ARC) pour assurer la mise en place et le suivi des essais cliniques en étroite collaboration avec le personnel médical et paramédical.

Missions principales 

Sous la supervision de son N+1, en collaboration avec les investigateurs et les différents intervenants académiques et industriels, vous aurez pour mission la mise en place et le suivi des essais cliniques adultes et pédiatriques en garantissant la qualité des données recueillies et le respect de la règlementation.

Vos principales responsabilités sont notamment :

  • Recueillir et rédiger les documents indispensables pour assurer la conformité technique (plaquette d’étude, worksheet, procédures) et règlementaire des essais cliniques.
  • Assurer le fonctionnement de la logistique nécessaire au déroulement des essais cliniques (planning des patients et des intervenants, suivi des prélèvements et des unités de traitements si applicable…).
  • Contrôler le déroulement des essais selon les textes en vigueur, les bonnes pratiques cliniques et les
    procédures opératoires standards.
  • Proposer des améliorations, des adaptations si nécessaires des procédures opératoires.
  • Vérifier et garantir la qualité des données, et organiser des visites sur sites et des réunions de travail
    avec les interlocuteurs internes et externes (visites de mise en place, monitoring, clôture, réunion
    d’équipe interne…).
  • Déplacement possibles à l’échelle nationale ou internationale.
  • Rapport d’activités réguliers avec l’équipe projet.

Profil recherché 

  • De formation Bac+ 4 complétée par une formation d’Attaché de recherche clinique
  • Expérience dans le domaine de la recherche clinique sur un poste équivalent souhaitée
  • Aisance relationnelle
  • Bonne maîtrise de la langue anglaise
  • Bonne maîtrise du Pack Office et des bases de données


Nature du poste : CDD 12 mois à temps plein (35h)


Merci d’adresser par mail votre dossier de candidature (CV + lettre de motivation) à l’adresse suivant :


Télécharger l’annonce du poste d’Attaché(e) de Recherche Clinique pour la structure dédiée aux Essais Cliniques (I-Motion)

Data project manager - Institute of Myology, Paris - France - 31/01/2022

The Institute of Myology

Located in Paris, at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, the largest hospital in Europe, the Institute of Myology was created in 1996 by AFM-Téléthon, a Patient Association. The Institute’s goal: Promoting the field of Myology and forming it into a medical and scientific discipline in its own right. The Institute of Myology coordinates medical care, fundamental research, applied research, clinical research and teaching, all centered around the patient.

Primary goal 

The Institute of Myology is a member of the Institute of Biotherapies, which encompasses three laboratories financed by AFM-Téléthon: Généthon, I-Stem and the Institute of Myology.

One of the major goals of the AFM-Téléthon and Institute of Biotherapies strategic plan is to launch a complete digital transformation process. In view of this, a Digital Task Force has recently been created. This Task Force aims to address the following points:

  • Creating a new governance shared by AFM-Téléthon and all the members of the Institute of Biotherapies, in order to improve health data management (currently spread across more than 150 identified databases and registries). The goal will be to optimise processes and to develop the best possible practices (projects, tenders, IT, personal data, compliance, HR, financial, etc.).
  • Putting in place a transformation plan, then a remediation plan after normalisation
  • Centralising health data that have been cleansed and harmonised within a new Muscle Data Hub and implementing Artificial Intelligence approaches centred on rare neuromuscular diseases.


This position will require a global overview of all the activities relevant to the Institute and close contact with the main stakeholders. This Data Project Manager will fulfil the needs and requests of the Digital Task Force as Project Leader, will be the main point of contact with the Service Provider who will fulfil the mission operationally, and will help with project supervision and provide a complete support service to partners, experts and the steering committee.

This person will be in direct contact with the Institute of Myology’s Data Manager, from a management and development point of view.

Main tasks and responsibilities 

  1. Coordinating the project and ensuring that the goals defined by the Working Group are achieved.
  2. Supervising the project, in terms of fulfilling work packages, monitoring indicators or
    the production of deliverables.
  3. Being the main point of contact for the external Service Provider, whose role it is to facilitate the transformation and remediation
  4. Offering management support to the Working Group and to the various members of the committees. Working side-by-side
    with the Institute of Myology’s Data Department Manager, in order to prepare and present project
  5. Contributing to the project’s Strategic Communication Plan, and contributing to annual and other reports to inform
    the Institute of Biotherapies’ Strategy Committee about the project’s work
  6. Establishing working relationships with the other partners wherever necessary.

Profile sought 

  • Project leadership in respect of IT and data management.
  • Experience managing one or more projects in the field of medical sciences is necessary
  • Significant experience of at least 3 years in this type of position is required
  • Data analysis and data science skills are a bonus


  • Skills in project management to coordinate IT/scientific/medical projects associated with data governance (definition, mapping, documentation, planning, RACI, implementation, etc.), including quality and compliance constraints in the area of data confidentiality (anonymisation)
  • Ability to provide results within deadline and budget
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Decision making and a proactive approach to problem solving
  • Skills in report drafting and ability to undertake research and present information clearly.
  • Skills in bioinformatics and information science with data selection, guidance and architecture,
    normalisation, mathematical models (machine learning and deep learning), flow/system
    access and security, interoperability, compilation and calculation.
  • Good written and spoken English, daily work in French.

Soft Skills

  • Rigorous, precise and adaptable mindset
  • Ability to analyse results
  • Interest in teamwork
  • Sharing and communication


Proposed fixed-term contract (French “CDD”) for a duration of 24 months, full-time. This is a long-term project.


The position is based at the Institute of Myology, at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital.


Please send your CV and a covering letter to the following email address:


Download the full job description Data Project Manager (M/F)