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Newsletter #92 – January 2023

Dear patients and their families,
Dear donors,
Dear partners,

All the teams and collaborators of the Institute of Myology send you their best wishes for happiness and success and wish you excellent health. May this new year, full of promise, be synonymous with progress and success and enable us to accomplish the projects we cherish.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the generous donors who supported us in 2022, despite an environment that remains challenging. Your continued support and renewed trust are essentiel for the research and care activities conducted by our Institute’s laboratories and departments. Each of your donations enables us to move forward in our research and scientific and medical advances in favour of rare diseases. We all share the same conviction: Further progress in the knowledge of muscle for a better health for all!

Each day, by pushing the limits of knowledge, our researchers are exploring new ways to better understand muscle and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to combat neuromuscular disease.

As we are well aware, each study, research and clinical trial requires a long-term commitment and appropriate means: The medical progress of tomorrow depends on the research of today. It is therefore vital to pursue our efforts!

Together, we form a united and committed team to achieve our Ambition Myology Foundation and give new momentum to the study of Muscle, a public health challenge.

When it comes to fighting disease, every action matters. Thank you for your unwavering understanding and everything you do for us and most importantly WITH US!

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Pr Bertrand Fontaine, Medical and Scientific Director of the Institute of Myology
Dr Vincent Varlet, Secretary General of the Institute of Myology

At the institute
The Summer School of Myology is back in hybrid format to celebrate its 25th anniversary The 25th Summer School of Myology will take place at the Institute of Myology in Paris from June 12 to 16, 2023 in two ways: face-to-face, for 40 to 50 people, and online, on the same dates, for remote participants. Read more

Two awards for the Institute at the 2022 SFM Annual Meeting Young scientists working in the team “Cell and molecular orchestration in muscle regeneration, aging and in pathologies” led by Capucine Trollet and Vincent Mouly, at the Institute’s Myology Centre for Research have just been received the “Impulse” prize nd the “MyoImage” Prize at the French Myology Society (SFM) Annual Meeting. Read more

Crossed views on the evaluation and expected benefits of the use of exoskeletons D. Bachasson and G. Bassez present here a key research project conducted at the Institute on the evaluation of the conditions and expected gains from the use of exoskeletons in two ongoing clinical trials. F. Chrétien details the challenges of NIC, a unique platform where evaluation is at the interface of research and patient care. Read more

A review of the year 2022 with the AFM-Téléthon The year 2022 has just drawn to a close, carried by the slogan “We will not give up”, which has enabled AFM-Telethon to celebrate its greatest victories and to continue the fight for all those whose disease remains untreated. 2022 also saw new advances in research in several diseases, the organization of a major international scientific congress, and was also marked by demands for caregivers and access to innovative treatments. Read more

Our latest news
Cytoskeletal involvement in dilated cardiomyopathy caused by LMNA gene mutations Interview with Caroline Le Dour, post-doctoral fellow in the Signaling Pathways & Striated Muscles team (MCR) who just published an article in Nature Communications focusing on the interaction of actin and microtubule cytoskeletons in cardiomyopathy caused by LMNA gene mutations. Read more

SAPPHIRE trial starts at I-Motion The SAPPHIRE trial is an international, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III trial that will evaluate the effects of a treatment that targets the muscle, apitegromab, used in addition to another treatment that acts on the production of NMS, nusinersen or risdiplam. Read more

Innovative non-amplification targeted long-read sequencing method enables more accurate characterization of CTG repeats in DM1 patients The REDs team at the Myology Institute developed a long-read sequencing method without amplification using CRISPR/Cas9 technology in DM1. Read more

Myasthenia gravis: the role of thymic macrophages is essential In this French study, the authors, among whom were researchers at the Institute of Myology, investigated whether AChR-MG is characterised by an IFN-I signature in the blood; they also studied the chronic thymic IFN-I signature. Read more

Anti-fibrotic drug therapies in skeletal muscle diseases Fibrosis is defined as an excessive accumulation of extracellular matrix. It can affect many organs, including muscles. It is the result of a defective regeneration process, unresolved inflammation or chronic damage. Read more

Electrophysiological studies are useful in differentiating CMS Researchers from the Institute of Myology analysed electroneuromyography data from 120 patients with congenital myasthenic syndromes (CMS) and compared them with the results of genetic studies. Read more

Miniaturised “organ-on-chip” for muscle dystrophy modelling Quantifying functional contraction of skeletal muscle is essential to assess the outcome of therapies in neuromuscular diseases. A team of scientists including researchers from the Institute of Myology has developed a miniaturised three-dimensional myotube culture chip which can monitor contraction at a single cell level. Read more

Dosing for IgG and especially IgG2 anti-TIF1γ in adult dermatomyositis would refine cancer risk assessment Anti-transcription intermediary factor 1 γ (TIF1γ) autoantibodies are associated, in adults with dermatomyositis, with an excess risk of cancer. A French study involving clinicians from the Institute of Myology had shown in 2019 that anti-TIF1γ of IgG2 subtype could be a biomarker of this tumor risk. A result confirmed by a retrospective international study conducted under the aegis of the European NeuroMuscular Center in 132 adults with dermatomyositis with anti-TIF1γ Read more

More breaking news
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP): proof of concept of gene therapy in mice An American team has successfully tested the transfer of the ACVR1 gene, the transfer of an allele-specific silencing microRNA ACVR1R206H, and the combination of both. Read more

Neonatal screening for Pompe disease in Italy shows higher than expected incidence The largest European study of newborn screening for Pompe disease was conducted in north-eastern Italy over a seven-year period. Read more

Myasthenia gravis
Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy
Spinal muscular atrophy
Myotonic dystrophy
Inflammatory myopathy
Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Congenital myopathy
Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
COVID-19 and neuromuscular diseases
Basic research and other disorders
In brief
4th International Meeting on Laminopathies - 9-12 May 2023 - Madrid, Spain Early birds registration and abstracts submission are open until 12 March. Read more

Upcoming webinars organized by EURO-NMD Upcoming webinars organized by the European network EURO-NMD: 16th February 2023, "Caveolae and Bin1 form ring-shaped platforms for T-tubule initiation" by Stéphane Vassilopoulos, PhD (Institute of Myology, Paris) and 2nd March 2023, "Muscle hyperexcitability and cramps" by Dr. Federica Montagnese (Munchen, Germany). Read more

Rare Disease Day - 28 February 2023 Rare Disease Day is the globally-coordinated movement on rare diseases, working towards equity in social opportunity, healthcare, and access to diagnosis and therapies for people living with a rare disease. Read more

Update of the "Advances in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease" document This document, published to coincide with the AFM- Téléthon General Meeting 2022, presents news from the past year about research on Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (international symposia, ongoing clinical trials or studies, scientific and medical publications, etc.). Read more

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