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Smail Ait-Mohand

After many and hard years of studying: veterinarian diploma, master 1, master 2 health product development, I have finally decided to integrate the clinical research’s world. I have always been impressed by this field, working all hand in hand to find that molecule that may save lives!!


I had the opportunity to be hired in the same institute where I have done my internship “I-Motion”, working within such a brilliant team, with high sense of involvement and belonging.

My role as a clinical research associate is to: ensure the smooth running of clinical trials, collect and control research data, and coordinate among the various research stakeholders. I also have missions like ARC Promoter: tracking visits to investigative centers in France and abroad.

Beside my professional life, I like to read books, play music, sport (judo). I am an open minded person and I really like to discover new cultures and learn new languages 🙂 .

 So, which animal would I choose ? Honestly, it’s a bit difficult, but I’ll go for these tiny insects: the ants

The reason is that ants are unstoppable hard workers and they participate to the balance of nature. 

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