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Teams working on the study of muscular diseases have expressed an interest in following up or improving their training in muscular biopsy analysis (example: Study group Meetings in Myology organised at the Institute of Myology etc).

For several years now, we have received physicians for training courses in the diagnosis of muscular diseases and/or postdoctoral trainings, and technicians for training in sampling techniques and the processing of biopsies. Last years, we received Michele Roccella (Palerme), Pierre-Yves Jeannet, (Lausanne), Haffed Haddad (Tunis), Simona Gambelli (Sienne), Muriel Herasse (Paris), Fabiana Lubieniecki (Buenos Aires), Soledad Monges (Buenos Aires) et  Javier Linzoain (Córdoba). In 2008, we will welcome Felipe Andreinolo, neuropathologist of Brasil (Sao Paulo) and  Jorge Bevilacqua, neurologist of Chili (Santiago)

The Risler Pavilion now has a specially adapted and equipped meeting room for up to 15 people in order to bring together physicians and scientists with an interest in Neuromuscular Pathology. Several regular meetings are held there:

  • Meetings to compare genetic/morphologic/pathological/clinical results (monday) with the regular participation of Dr F. Leturcq,  Dr S. Quijano, Dr P. Laforet, Dr G. Bonne, Dr R. Ben Yaou, Dr P. Richard, Dr A. Behin, Dr T. Stojkovic, Dr T. Evangelista, Dr C. Métay.
  • Patient record discussion meetings (Thursday), between the physicians of the consultation of the Institute of Myology (Dr P. Laforet, Dr A. Behin, Dr T Stojkovic, Dr T. Evangelista, Dr G. Bassez) and the physicians of the Internal Medicine department (Dr O.Benveniste).
  • Metabolic diseases meetings (Friday) with the participation of  the biologists of the laboratory of Prof B.Hainque.

Although the laboratory of the Risler Pavilion is integrated within the hospital, it collaborates with other inter- and/or extra-hospital partners : the neuromuscular pathology consultation of the Babinski Building, the Raymond Escourolle Neuropathology Laboratory, the Tissue Bank for Research, the Internal Medicine department, the Cardiology department, the Immunology department, the Federation of Neurology and the CNRS and Inserm Research Units.