institut de myologie, myology, Pitié-Salpêtrière, paris

Morphological Unit


Team leader: Dr Norma Beatriz ROMERO, PH, AP-HP

The Risler Pavilion Laboratory is dedicated in particular to the morphological identification and characterisation of genetic neuromuscular diseases in the adult and child.

This laboratory is recognised for the scientific value of its work, its experience in human muscle biopsy analysis and its mastery of morphological techniques. Several fundamental and complementary activities are also carried out:

  • Histo-enzymological analyses of frozen muscle sections
  • Immunocytochemical analyses using specific antibodies directed against different muscle cell proteins : (dystrophin, sarcoglycans, dystroglycans, dysferlin, caveolin, collagen, desmin, myotilin, myosin etc.)
  • Ultrastructural analyses by electron microscopy
  • Western blot analysis
  • MND diagnosis
  • Centre for reference for neuromuscular disease diagnosis
  • Designing or participating in research programmes necessitating this expertise
  • Training



Team members

Dr Norma Beatriz ROMERO (MD, PhD), Team leader, Hospital Practitioner
Dr Teresinha EVANGELISTA (MD), Hospital Practitioner, researcher
Mme Favienne LEVY-BORSATO, Secretary
Mme Emmanuelle LACENE, Clinical Research Assistant
Mme Mai Thao BUI, Research Technician
M Guy BROCHIER (PhD), Research Technician Assistant
Mme Angéline MADELAINE, Laboratory Technician
Melle Anais CHANUT, Laboratory Technician
Mme Clémence LABASSE, Research Technician
Mme Maud BEUVIN, Laboratory Assistant
Pr Michel FARDEAU, Volunteer Consultant



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